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Publications by Other Writers

The Special Collections & Archives reading room is closed, and all in-person (physical, face-to-face) services are suspended at this time. We are here to help! Please contact us to discuss how we can best serve you during this time.

Special Collections and Archives

Publications by Other Writers

Staughton and Alice Lynd collection

Series 4: Publications by Other Writers

Box 20: Marxism & Socialism
Folder -- Contents

  1. Richard Abel: "A Socialist Approach to Risk" in Maryland Law Review (1982)
  2. Anarchos (1969): "Listen, Marxist!" pamphlet, Anarchos pamphlet
  3. Bob Anderson: "Abraham Lincoln was a Communist"
  4. Elaine Bernard: "Recipe for Anarchy," "Politics of Canada's Health Care System," articles on New Democratic Party
  5. Norman Birnbaum: "What can we Learn from the Movements of 1968," "Beyond the Disappointments of the Epoch"
  6. Victoria Bonnell: "Revolutionary Politics & the Organized Labor Movement"; letters to Staughton Lynd (1976)
  7. Jeremy Brecher: "If All People Banded Together," "Building Bridges," "Labor & the Left," "Socialism is What You..."
  8. David Brody: "The Uses of Power I: Industrial Battleground" from Workers in Industrial America
  9. Craig Brownlie: "Marxism and Critical Legal Theory: Why Groucho?"
  10. Paul Buhle: "The Legacy of the Workers Party: 1940-49" (1985)
  11. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 1-2 of Democracy from the Heart
  12. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 3-5 of Democracy from the Heart
  13. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 6-8 of Democracy from the Heart
  14. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 9-11 of Democracy from the Heart
  15. Kipp Dawson: "Women Miners & the UMWA: 1973-83" in Occasional Papers July 1992; letter to Staughton Lynd
  16. Andrew Dinkelaker: "The New Frontier in Democratic Theory and Practice" (1997)
  17. David Ellerman: "The Human-Capital-ist Firm" (1997), "Property & Contract in Economics" (1992)
  18. Michael Ferber: "Marxism & Art," "Marxism & Romanticism in England," "Blake's Idea of Brotherhood"
  19. Dick Flacks: "Thinking About Strategy in a Dark Time"
  20. Christopher & Hazel Gunn (1989): Chapters 1-3 from Communities and Capital
  21. Christopher & Hazel Gunn: Chapters 4-7 from Communities and Capital
  22. Jamie Kalven: "The 4th Commandment and the 1st Amendment," "Neutralizing Free Speech," etc; letters to S. Lynd
  23. AL Katz: "Mythologies of Political Representation" (1983)
  24. Robin Kelley: "Identity Politics & Class Struggle" from New Politics (1997)
  25. John Laslett: "Labor and the Left" (1970)
  26. Ernest Mandel: "Where is America Going?" in New Left Review and in Leviathan (1969)
  27. John Manley: "The Significance of Class In American History and Politics" (1994)
  28. Seymour Melman: Chapters 1-2 of After Capitalism
  29. ; letter from Staughton Lynd (1998)
  30. Seymour Melman: Chapters 3-4 of After Capitalism
  31. Seymour Melman: Chapters 5-8 of After Capitalism
  32. Seymour Melman: Chapter 9 and Addendum of After Capitalism
  33. David Roediger: "Precapitalism in One Confederacy", letters to Staughton Lynd, bibliography
  34. Mark Tushnet: "Is There a Marxist Theory of Law?" (1981)
  35. Sidney Willhelm: "Racism & America's Economic Elite" pamphlet; letter to Staughton Lynd (1994)
  36. Alan Wolfe: "New Directions in the Marxist Theory of Politics" (1974)
  37. Gary Young: "Marx on Bourgeois Law" (1979), "Justice and Capitalist Production"
  38. Michael Zweig: "Economics and Liberation Theology" (1988)
  39. Unknown author: "Who Do You Shoot: Democratic Elitism, Pluralism, and Marxism on Political Power"
  40. Unknown author: "Is a New Party Possible?" (1936)
  41. Monthly Review: Independent Socialist Magazine: December 1967

Box 21: History
Folder -- Contents

  1. James Atelson: Chapters 1-4 of Labor and the Wartime State (1995)
  2. James Atelson: Chapters 5 of Labor and the Wartime State (1995)
  3. James Atelson: Chapters 6-7 of Labor and the Wartime State (1995)
  4. James Atelson: Chapters 8-9 of Labor and the Wartime State (1995)
  5. James Atelson: Chapters 10-12 of Labor and the Wartime State (1995)
  6. John Dittmer: "Local People: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi" (1994)
  7. Roxanne Dunbar: "One or Two Things I Know About Us" (1993), "Two Worlds: Who is the Left Anyway?" (1995)
  8. Christine Ellis: edited draft of "Catherine Ellis" manuscript with many notes and corrections
  9. Christine Ellis: "Preface," "Narcotics," and "March 14, 1953" chapters of manuscript (1953)
  10. Christine Ellis: master copy of manuscript; list of removed section
  11. Christine Ellis: edited sections of manuscript (c.1970)
  12. Christine Ellis: edited sections of manuscript (1953)
  13. Christine Ellis: "The Agate Ring," "Comradeship Through Song," "Getting through Ellis Island" and other sections
  14. Christine Ellis: "How I Became Katie," "My Lameness," "Native Americans" and other sections of manuscript
  15. Christine Ellis: "A Few Notes on 'Personnel,'" and other sections of the manuscript (1953)
  16. Christine Ellis: various sections of the manuscript (1953)
  17. Connie Field: "Freedom on My Mind" screenplay; correspondence with Staughton Lynd (1992)
  18. C.H. Hamlin: "The War Myth in United States History" (1927); S. Lynd letters advising against republication (1997)
  19. Ana Gutierrez Johnson: "The Mondragon System of Worker Production Cooperatives"
  20. Jesse Lemisch: "Towards a Democratic History," "The American Revolution Seen from the Bottom Up," "Radicalism of the Common Seaman," "Wm. Widger's Dream and the Loyalties of American Revolutionary Seamen in British Prisons"
  21. Peter Linebaugh: review of Gatrell's The Hanging Tree: Execution & the English People; "One and All..." (1993)
  22. Anne Lin: "Searching for Peace in the Middle East"; sent to Staughton Lynd by George Rafeedie (1998)
  23. Charles McCollester: "The Ghosts of Bosnia," "Technological Change and Workers Control Homstead 1892"
  24. Danny Newman: "The Crossing of the Waters" (c.1991); letters regarding Newman's death (1993)
  25. Peter Novick: "American Leftist Historians" (1978); correspondence with Staughton Lynd
  26. Judith Stepan-Norris & Maurice Zeitlin: Talking Union pp. 1-100
  27. Judith Stepan-Norris & Maurice Zeitlin: Talking Union pp. 101-216
  28. Judith Stepan-Norris & Maurice Zeitlin: Talking Union pp. 217-302
  29. Judith Stepan-Norris & Maurice Zeitlin: Talking Union pp. 303-436
  30. Carl Oglesby: ; "Project Nazi File" proposal; letters with Staughton Lynd concerning the Project
  31. Daniel Perlstein: "Teaching Freedom" and letter to Staughton Lynd (1989)
  32. David Pivar: "The Hosiery Workers and the Philadelphia Third Party Impulse, 1929-35" (1964)
  33. Frederick Tolles: "Unofficial Ambassador: George Logan's Mission to France, 1798" (1950)
  34. Alice Walker: "How Long Shall They Torture Our Mothers" (1991)
  35. Jonathon Wiener: "Radical Historian, American History: 1959-80" (1988)
    comment papers by Aptheker, Lerner, Degler, Higham; Staughton Lynd's "Intellectuals, the University, & the Movement"
  36. Rose Wilgoren: "Black & Blue: Yale Volunteers in Miss. Civil Rights Movement" (1992); correspondence with S.Lynd
  37. Arnold Urken: "The Condorcet-Jefferson Connection and the Origins of Social Choice Theory" (1990)
  38. Al Young: "Conservatives, the Constitution, and 'Spirit of Accommodation,'" "By Hammer and Hand All Arts Do Stand," "Common Sense and the Rights of Man in America," "American Historian and the Hand of Revolution"
  39. Al Young: "Artisans and the Constitution: Boston" (1996); letter to Staughton Lynd
  40. Al Young: "An Outsider and the Progress of a Career in History" (1994)
  41. Al Young: "American Historians Confront 'The Transforming Hand of Revolution'" (1993)
  42. Unknown manuscript: "On Being a Radical & a Historian," "Staughton Lynd: Long Journey to a Useable Past"
  43. CWCS Conference papers (1997): schedule and S. Lynd Letters; essays by T. Sabatini, R. Faribanks, J. Martinek
  44. Union Maids Film: transcript; "Solidarity" and "Guide to Study and Discussion of the Film" pamphlets

Box 22: Labor A-L
Folder -- Contents

  1. Stanley Aronowitz: "The Future of Trade Unionism," "G.E.'s Military Complex," "Which Side Are You On"
  2. James Atleson: "Collective Bargaining, Management Control and the NLRA"
  3. Paul Booth: "Theses on Contemporary U.S. Labor Unionism"; list of New Directions in Labor communications
  4. John Boros: sections of thesis including "Origins of Allied Chemical and Alkali Workers of America" (1991)
  5. Jeremy Brecher:
  6. "A Plan to Rebuild Connecticut," "Trouble in Brass," and other articles
  7. Jeremy Brecher: (1997) new chapter "American Labor on the Eve of the Millennium" for his book Strike!
  8. Jeremy Brecher: (1984) "History from Below" "How to Uncover & Tell the Story of Community, Workplace, Union"
  9. Jeremy Brecher: "Communities Fight Industrial Abandonment" and various articles regarding Connecticut economy
  10. Jeremy Brecher: "Lessons of the Sit-Down Strikes"
  11. Jeremy Brecher: Book Reviews: Brecher reviews of books
  12. Bernard Brown: "Worker Democracy in Socialist France" (1989)
  13. Paul Buhle: "The Gompers Tradition of Business Unionism"
  14. Ken Cloke: "Labor Democracy, Free Speech, & Right of Rank & File Insurgency," Political Loyalty, Labor Democracy, and the Constitution," "Class Justice: From Civil Society to Socialism"
  15. Eric Davin: "Last Hurrah: United Textile Workers & New Bedford Labor Party 1964-36"
  16. Ray Dellinger: "Activism & Jackson," "Hope In Bad Times," "Cries for Justice"
  17. Myrna Donahoe: "Plant Closures & Worker's Response," "Southeast Los Angeles: From Industrial Boom to Wasteland"
  18. Steve Early: "Is Sisterhood Powerful?" and correspondence with Staughton Lynd (1997)
  19. Michael Eisenscher: "Critical Juncture: Unionism at the Crossroads," "Labor: Turning the Corner?"
  20. Matthew Firth: "The Facts About Occupational Cancer," "Ergonomics and Pregnancy" etc.
  21. George Feldman: "Unions, Solidarity, and Class" (1993)
  22. Thomas Ferguson: "Labor Law Reform & Its Enemies" and "The State of the Unions" (1979)
  23. Martin Glaberman: chapters 1 & 2 of The Struggle Against No-Strike Pledge in the UAW During WWII
  24. Martin Glaberman: chapters 3 & 4 of The Struggle Against No-Strike Pledge in the UAW During WWII
  25. Martin Glaberman: chapters 5 & 6 of The Struggle Against No-Strike Pledge in the UAW During WWII
  26. James Green: chapters 1 & 2 of The World of the Worker: Labor in 20th Century America
  27. James Green: chapters 3 & 4 of The World of the Worker: Labor in 20th Century America
  28. James Green: chapters 5 & 6 of The World of the Worker: Labor in 20th Century America
  29. James Green: chapters 7 & 8 of The World of the Worker: Labor in 20th Century America
  30. Teresa Hanlon: "Legal Theories Supporting National Plant Closing Legislation" (1983)
  31. Marie Hardy: entry and related materials for Sylvia Woods encyclopedia entry contest
  32. William Haywood: copy of deposition of early 20th Century labor leader
  33. Herbert Hill: "Race & Ethnicity in Organized Labor," "The AFL-CIO and the Black Worker," other race/labor articles
  34. John Hinshaw: "The Dialectic of Division Among Western Pennsylvania Steelworkers, 1937-45" (1995)
  35. G. Hunnius: "Co-Determination in the Federal Republic of Germany" (1973)
  36. Leo Huberman: "The Truth About Unions" (1946)
  37. Peter Kellman: You Can't Get to Second with Your Foot on First manuscript
  38. Peter Kellman: chapters and materials from You Can't Get to Second with Your Foot on First
  39. Peter Kellman: draft #2 of You Can't Get to Second with Your Foot on First manuscript
  40. Peter Kellman: "An Organizer's Diary," "Jay Environmental Control," and an index to Kellman Papers
  41. John Kruzeski: Weirton Employee Stock Annihilation Plan

Box 23: Labor M-Z
Folder -- Contents

  1. Eric Leif: "Forgotten Legacy: United Rubber Workers and Akron Labor Party Movement"
  2. John LaPreur: edited drafts of "Fleetwood Wildcat"
  3. Howard Lesnick: "Supreme Court and Labor Law in 50th Year of NLRA," "Legal Education's Concern with Justice"
  4. Jim Lindgren: "Political Strikes" (1976)
  5. Jeffrey Lustig: "Community and Property: Deeper Implication of Plant Closures" (1983)
  6. Ann Roell Markusen: "The Youngstown Community-Worker Steel Takeover Bid"; correspondence with S.Lynd (1982)
  7. Paul Mattick: "Worker's Control"
  8. Charles McCollester: "The Steel Valley Authority," "A Coal Communities Resources Rehabilitation Board"
  9. John McDermott: "The Modern Capitalist Labor System" and untitled manuscript
  10. Herb Mills: "The San Francisco Waterfront" parts 1 & 2 pamphlets(1978)
  11. Bruce Nelson: "Triumph & Tragedy of Walter Reuther," "Class, Race, Democracy in the CIO," and other articles
  12. Bruce Nelson: "Triumph and Travail of Left-Led Union," "Logic & Limits of Solidarity," and other articles
  13. Bruce Nelson: "Race Relations in the Mill," "Building a Union of Steel in Youngstown," and other Youngstown articles
  14. Glenn Perusek: thesis "The Internal Politics of the United Automobile Workers, 1967-85" (1988)
  15. James Gray Pope: "Constitutional Insurgency as Jurisgenesis"
  16. Charles Owen Rice: Fight With a Heart: Pittsburgh Labor Priest
  17. Harold Ruttenberg: "War and the Steel Ghost Towns," "How to Save Jobs in the Pittsburgh Area," and others
  18. Ashley Schannauer: thesis "Worker-Community Takeovers of Plants Otherwise Scheduled for Closing" (1983)
  19. David Stratman: "Fight to Win: A Strategy for Labor"
  20. Cornelius Thomas: chapters 1-2 of dissertation, "Black Workers at the Point of Production"
  21. Cornelius Thomas: chapters 3-4 of dissertation, "Black Workers at the Point of Production"
  22. Cornelius Thomas: chapters 5-7 of dissertation, "Black Workers at the Point of Production"
  23. Cornelius Thomas: chapter 8 of dissertation, "Black Workers at the Point of Production"
  24. Cornelius Thomas: "Black Cats in Wildcats and Shopfloor Insurgencies" with introduction by Staughton Lynd (1996)
  25. Heather Ann Thompson: thesis "Detroit: Wildcat 1973"
  26. Clyde Summers: "Teamster Joint Grievance Committees," "Democracy in One-Party State," "Worker Participation..."
  27. Mike Walter: "Thatcher and the British Trade Unions, 1979-90" (1990)
  28. Stan Weir: "Humor vs. Corporate Bureaucracy," "Union Busting at Home & Abroad," "Effects of War on American Labor," "Longshoremen and Marine Clerks of Spain," "On-Going Rank & File Control," and others
  29. Eesha Williams: "A Practical Guide to Getting Ahead" (1996)
  30. Yamamoto Kioshi: "Japanese-style Industrial Relations...," "Labor Relations in Big Japanese Corporations"
  31. Gregory Yarwick: "Right to Strike for Economic Justice and Issue of Permanent Replacements" (1992)
  32. Laffeet [?]: unknown edited manuscript regarding GM Plant
  33. National Paper Strike in Jay, Maine: "Pain on Their Faces" by J.Hinshaw, Interview w/Arthur Raymond by P.Kellman
  34. "Perceptions of Fisher Body": edited manuscript by unknown author
  35. Misc. Labor Articles by David Cook, Walter Adams, Bob Chitester, David Gordon, Paul Hays, Sumner Rosen, etc.

Box 24: Other Topics
Folder -- Contents

  1. Kathryn Abrams: "Hearing the Call of Stories" (1991)
  2. Andrew Fraser: "The Legal Theory We Need to Know"
  3. Karl Klare: "Professor Finkin and the Myopia of Mainstream Labor Law Scholarship" (1985)
  4. Karl Klare: "Judicial Deradicalization of the Wagner Act, 1937-41" (1975)
  5. Karl Klare: "The Public-Private Distinction in Labor Law"
  6. Karl Klare: "Legal Status of Concerted Activity by Black Caucuses in Labor Unions (1975)
  7. Karl Klare: "Working Relationships in the Law Schools"
  8. Bruce Nelson: "Something in the Atmosphere of America"
  9. Frances Olsen: "Michael M.: Misogyny, and the Limitations of Liberal Legalism" (1983)
  10. Pam Chude: "The Political Is Personal," "Battling the Barriers to Understanding," "Joy of My Remembering"
  11. Mary E. King: "Women and Civil Rights-A Personal Reflection" lecture at Jackson St. University (1995)
  12. Martha Lynd: "Towards Int'l Women's Solidarity" (1992),"Failure of 20thC Revolutions to Develop Feminist Agenda"
  13. David Cole: "Getting There: Reflections of Trashing from Feminist Jurisprudence" (1985)
  14. Marc Rauch: "Individual Rights Under a Labor Agreement" (1975)
  15. Ed Sparer: "Fundamental Human Rights, Legal Entitlements and the Social Struggle" (1983)
  16. Mark Tushnet: "An Essay on Rights"
  17. "Political Strikes, Labor Law, and Democratic Rights": manuscript by unknown author
  18. Michael Goldfield: "The Color of Politics" (1996)
  19. Michael Goldfield: "Race and the CIO" (1993), "Race and the Reuther Legacy" (1997)
  20. Bruce Nelson: "Regardless of Creed, Color, Nationality," "Class & Race in the U.S." " Class & Race in Crescent City"
  21. Misc. Law Articles: by Alan Hunt, James Inverarity, William Chambliss, Nancy Anderson
  22. 1st Amendment News Clips: clips and letters regarding S. Lynd's support right to march by Illinois Nazis (1978)
  23. 1st Amendment News Clips: clips and letters regarding James Traficant's remarks on Phil Donahue show
  24. Unknown 1st Amendment Article: edited manuscript of unknown manuscript
  25. Jane Adams: "Political Action is my Spiritual Foundation" speech (1989)
  26. Charles McCollester: "Tri-State Conference on Steel..."
  27. The Megiddo Project: poems and materials from conference (1989)
  28. Margaret Randall: "Forgetting Remembered"
  29. Michael Ferber: "Blake and the Two Swords," "Blake's Idea of Brotherhood," "The Making of Blake"
  30. Raymond: "A Homage of Sorts: Goethe"
  31. Penelope Yungblut: "Penelope's Story"
  32. Poetry: "Winter Solstice" by Jane Adams, "Road Not Taken," "Haiku for John" by B. McCloskey, "Remembering the Sabbath," "First Impressions" by Gary Galbreath
  33. Misc. Vietnam Articles: "Vietnam 1977: Is It Any of Our Business," "Life in the New Vietnam"
  34. Terry Anderson: "The GI Movement and the Response from the Brass" (1990)
  35. Mary Hershberger: "Introduction" to her book and correspondence with Staughton Lynd
  36. Ed Jahn: "Be a Part-Time Activist" (1993)
  37. Carl Oglesby: chapters 1-8 of Ravens on the Wing (1995)
  38. Carl Oglesby: chapters 9-17 of Ravens on the Wing (1995)
  39. Mary Susannah Robbins: submissions for her Vietnam book by David Harris, Jane Bond Moore, Bruce Franklin, Noam Chomsky, Michael Ferber, Carl Oglesby
  40. Mary Susannah Robbins: submissions for her Vietnam book by Jeff Jones, Eugenia Kaledin, Joan Baez, James Fallows, George Swiers, Tod Ensign, David Cortright, Jerold Starr, Arlene Ash, Dave Dellinger, Jane Collins, Max Watts
  41. Mary Susannah Robbins: correspondence and other materials regarding her Vietnam book
  42. The Manuscript of Pandemonium: Stories from Hell
  43. Chuck Fager: "Fleecing the Faithful," "The Trial of Priscilla Deters," "Friends Keeping the Peace"
  44. Vincent Harding: "Toward a Darkly Radiant Vision of America's Truth"
  45. Chapters from Unknown Book: "Theory of Autobiography," "Jung," "Darwin," "Newton," etc.
  46. Misc. Articles: Carlos Mejia Godoy interview, "Leon Trotsky: My Life," "The Historical Jesus," and other articles
  47. "Standing in the Shadows": two floppy disks containing chapters by unknown author

Box 25: Brian Willson
Folder -- Contents

  1. Biographies: "Summary of My Activism," "Living the Truth: Brian Willson's Story," "The Power Within," and others
  2. Childhood Materials: "Baseball Cards," 8th Grade Valedictory Address (1955), various sketches, etc.
  3. Photograph Materials: photocopies from Concord train protest, visit to Nicaragua; list of photo descriptions
  4. Statements: Int'l. Symposium on Democracy and Revolution (1989), from hospital bed (1987), various re Nicaragua
  5. "A Record of Resistance by Military Personnel...": collection of news clips and timelines collected by Willson
  6. Images of Human Blockades: news clips and stories regarding human blockades collected by Brian Willson
  7. Brian Willson News Clips: "Back in Action," "Turmoil Haunts Vets Center," " Agent Orange Protest" and others
  8. Institute for Non-Violence: various newsletters, letters, press releases, etc. re protests by veterans
  9. Vietnam Veterans Center: Analysis of ERA Veterans in Mass. (1983), letter regarding "Rambo," newsletters, etc.
  10. "A Personal Journey of Radical Transformation": article by Brian Willson about his accident (1992)
  11. IRS Letters: correspondence regarding Brian Willson's tax resistance (1985-1987)
  12. Misc. Letters: letter to parents re fast for life and criticisms by Dr. McBirnie (1986)
  13. Nicaragua Letters: letters to President Reagan, Senator Kerry, Daniel Ortega (1986)
  14. Third World Legs Letters: Brian Willson & Staughton Lynd correspondence with publishers; resume
  15. Pendle Hill Publishers: Publications Catalogue 1995-96, "The Ministry of Presence," "Stories from Kenya"
  16. "The Korean Wall" (1990): by Brian Willson
  17. Crime & Punishment (1977): letters, articles, writings re prisons; "Discriminatory System," "Hope for a New Order"
  18. Environment: opposition pieces re Chautauqua landfill (1977), "Agrarian Politics in Upstate New York," and others
  19. Spirituality: "Revolution of Consciousness," "Frente and Commmunity," "Male Spirituality," and other pieces
  20. Peace: "Dehumanization and Extinction..." "Peace Education-Counterin Militarism," "Making War Obsolete" etc.
  21. Institute for Practice of Nonviolence: newsletters from the group mainly regarding El Salvador (1989-90)
  22. Fast for Life: "Fasting for Nonviolent Revolution," "Fast for Life," etc.; "Rudman Likens Fasting Vets to Terrorists"
  23. Concord Tape: transcript of 9/1/87 Fisher recording of witnesses to the accident outside the Concord Naval Station
  24. Concord Writings: "A Personal Journey of Radical Transformation," "Significance of Nuremberg Actions" etc
  25. Concord News Clips: "Peace Group Sets Arms Blockade," "Train that Maimed Pacifist was under Orders not to Stop"
  26. Concord Hearings (1987): "Perspective of the People Invoking the Nuremberg Principles at CNWS" report
  27. FBI: "Could the U.S. Government Possibly Consider Me, or You, A Threat?" drafts; "Cost of Fired FBI Agent's..."
  28. Nicaragua News Clips: "[Willson] Sees Ambush Site," "U.S. Vets Stage Peace Walk in Contra Zone"; copy of medal
  29. Nicaragua: "Can the U.S. Purchase Nicaragua Elections," "Their Terrorism Pales Next to Our Terrorism" and others
  30. El Salvador: "Salvadoran Military Has Civilians in Its Sights"; news clips of Willson visit, and other materials
  31. South America: "Invasion of the New World"; lists of U.S. intervention and Monroe Doct., report on visit to Cuba, etc.
  32. Operation Desert Storm: "From Armageddon to Babylon," "Post-Gulf Massacre Reflections" and others
  33. Desert Storm News Clips: "Euphoric Mood of War Sickens Veteran," "Refusing to Fight for Imperialism," other clips
  34. Vietnam Veterans: "Personal Tribute to Norman Morrison," "New Citizen Soldier," "Moral Distress & Moral Disease"
  35. Third World Legs: drafts of Foreword by Staughton Lynd
  36. Third World Legs: outline and dedication
  37. Third World Legs: manuscript by Brian Willson
  38. Photographs: photo of Willson on burro in El Salvador (1988), and at Veterans Fast for Life in D.C. (1986)

Box 26: Eric Leif Davin and David Rabban
Folder -- Contents

  1. Eric Leif Davin: first section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  2. Eric Leif Davin: second section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  3. Eric Leif Davin: third section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  4. Eric Leif Davin: fourth section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  5. Eric Leif Davin: fifth section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  6. Eric Leif Davin & Staughton Lynd (1979): drafts of "Picket Line & Ballot Box: Local Labor Parties in the 1930s"
  7. "Picket Line & Ballot Box" Responses: various comments and editorials regarding the book
  8. Eric Leif Davin: "Words: Property of the People," "Forgotten Legacy," "The Era of the Common Child"
  9. Eric Leif Davin: The Littlest New Deal: SWOC Takes Power in Steeltown manuscript
  10. Eric Leif Davin: News Clips: copies of 1930s labor news clips sent to Staughton Lynd
  11. David Rabban: part one of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  12. David Rabban: part two of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  13. David Rabban: part three of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  14. David Rabban: part four of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  15. David Rabban: first part of The First Amendment in Its Forgotten Years (1987)
  16. David Rabban: second part of The First Amendment in Its Forgotten Years (1987)
  17. David Rabban: "The Ahistorical Historian: Leonard Levy on Freedom of Express in Early American History" (1985)
  18. David Rabban: "The First Amendment in Its Forgotten Years"; correspondence with Staughton Lynd
  19. David Rabban: first part of The Limits of Constitutional Power: Foreign Policy & International Law
  20. David Rabban: second part of The Limits of Constitutional Power: Foreign Policy & International Law
  21. David Rabban: third part of The Limits of Constitutional Power: Foreign Policy & International Law
  22. David Rabban: "The IWW Free Speech Fights & Popular Conceptions of Free Expression Before World War I"
  23. David Rabban: "Free Speech in Progressive Social Thought," "Radical Assumptions about American Labor Law," "Has the NLRA Hurt Labor?" "The Free Speech League..." "A Functional Analysis of 'Individual'..."

Box 27: Books by Other Authors

Aptheker, Herbert. Anti-Racism in U.S. History. Greenwood Press (New York: 1992)
Boyte, Harry C. Community Is Possible. Harper & Row (New York: 1974).
Brecher, Jeremy and Tim Costello. Global Village or Global Pillage. South End Publishers (Boston: 1994).
Campbell, Tom. The Left and Rights. Routledge & Keagan Paul (Boston: 1993)
Capaldi, Nicholas. Clear and Present Danger. Pegasus (New York: 1969).
Carney, Martin. A New Social Contract. Harper & Row (New York: 1983).
Curle, Adam. Tools for Transformation. Hawthorn Press (New York: 1990).
Finn, James. Protest: Pacifism & Politics. Random House (New York: 1967).
    -- features interview with and inscription to Staughton Lynd
Forman, James. The Political Thought of James Forman. Black Star Publishing (Detroit: 1970).
Glick, Brian. War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists. South Bend Press (Boston: 1989).
In Re Alger Hiss. Ed. Edith Tiger. Hill and Wang (New York: 1979).
Kelber, Harry. My 60 Years as a Labor Activist. A.G. Publishing (New York: 1996).
Kutler, Stanley. The American Inquisition: Justice & Injustice in the Cold War. Hill & Wang (New York: 1982).
Levant, Victor. Capital & Labour: Partners?. Steel Rail Educational Publishing (Toronto: 1977).
Lewy, Guenter. Peace & Revolution: the Moral Crisis of American Pacifism. Wm.Eerdman's Pub. (G. Rapids, MI: 1988).
Kent & Jackson State: 1970-90. Ed. Susie Erenrich. Vietnam Generation, Inc. (1990).
Letters from the Front: 1898-1945. Ed. Michael Stevens. State Hist. Society of Wisonsin (1992).
Matthews, Richard. The Radical Politics of Thomas Jefferson. Univ. Press of Kansas (Lawrence, KS: 1984).
    --includes letter from author to Staughton Lynd
Oblinger, Carl. Divided Kingdom. Illinois State Historical Society (Sprinfield, IL: 1991)
    --includes correspondence with Staughton Lynd
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