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Macnaghten-Sims Letter

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Macnaghten-Sims Letter

Borowitz Jack the Ripper Collection: Macnaghten-Sims Letter [1907?, Feb. 11]

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11. 2. '07. [possibly '01]

Dear Sims,

Yet another "light" in dark, & not
generally known, metropolitan spots has
flashed across my mind: --
Eyre Street Hill -- Clerkenwell -- where
there is a large colony of Italians who
are mostly ice-cream vendors by day,
&, not infrequently, stabbers & shootists
by night.

It may also save you the trouble of
research if I give you the times &
places of Jack the Ripper's pleasantries.

(1) 31st Aug. '88. Mary Ann Nichols. Found
at Bucks Row with her throat cut &
slight mutilation of stomach.

(2) 8th Sept. '88. Annie Chapman found in a
back yard at Hanbury St., throat cut & bad
mutilation as to stomach & private parts.

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(3) 30th Sept. '88. Elizabeth Stride, throat
cut only (no mutilations) in Berners
St. near Anarchist Club.

(4) 30th Sept. '88. Catherine Eddowes, found
in Mitre Square, throat cut, bad mutilation
of face, stomach & private parts.

(5) 9th Novr '88. Mary Jeanette Kelly, found
in a room in Miller's Court, Dorset St.
with throat cut, and the whole face &
fiendishly mutilated.

Don't forget "Dowt" which her name
is Devereux, & don't trouble to reply
to this

Yours always

M.L. Macnaghten