Adding Reserve Items

Instructors and course proxies can request items to be added to a course.  Material can be uploaded or requested.

  • Instructors must notify Reserve Services department to add their current/upcoming courses 
  • Login to  Ares and select the course which you want to add materials
  • Under Instructor Course Tools, located in the left-hand side, click on Add Reserve Items
  • Select the reserve item type, and fill out the form. Please make note of * which indicates a required field

If you will be uploading a file, once you click on Submit Item, it will take you to the next screen where you can choose a file to upload and then another Submit Item box.

The status listed on the reserve item depends on how the item will be supplied.  When the request is completed and available to students, the status will be either Item Available on Electronic Reserve/Item Available at Reserve Desk.