Delivery Address Instructions

For us to be able to accurately and quickly deliver your requested materials, we ask that you make sure a "Business Address" is included in your official records.

To check your address, or to add a Business Address, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to FlashLine.
  2. Navigate to the My Profile page by clicking on the profile image.
  3. Go to the Secure Account Access section.
  4. Choose the "Addresses and Phone Numbers" link.
  5. Once there, make sure that your Current Business Address contains the building name and department in which your mailbox is located, such as “Bowman – History” or “Music and Speech – Theatre.”
  6. If you do not yet have a Business Address (it's possible you only have a "Mailing" and/or "Permanent" address on file), choose to add one using the pull-down menu at the bottom of the page.  Line 1 of the address should contain the building name and department in which you mailbox is located; see example above.