University Libraries National Advisory Council (ULNAC)

University Libraries National Advisory Council (ULNAC)

University Libraries National Advisory Council (ULNAC)

The University Libraries National Advisory Council (ULNAC) counsels and assists the University Libraries in discovering and implementing new ideas, projects, and activities that further the University Libraries’ mission. ULNAC members advocate the importance and value of the academic library, particularly its rare and unique collections and services, and the need for continuing internal and external funding in order to help the libraries meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s learners. Each ULNAC member is an important part of the University Libraries’ team. ULNAC members serve as one of the University Libraries’ major connections to the Kent State community-at-large, both on and off campus.

The truth is libraries are raucous clubhouses for free speech, controversy, and community.
–Paula Poundstone

Dear Friends of Kent State Libraries, 

University Libraries National Advisory Council is looking for new members to join us at Kent State’s “raucous clubhouse.” Roughly two years ago, the library’s stewards determined there was a need for an advisory council to offer support and guidance to KSU libraries. University Libraries National Advisory Council came to life and has been engaged in the process of organizing itself and developing a partnership with the libraries to advance their mission.

Kent State Libraries host a range of provocative and interesting activities and events for the Kent State community. The library never sleeps. And it seems Dean Bracken and the library faculty and staff are fellow insomniacs. Their creativity and innovation propel its programs and services.

Our council is composed of a group of dedicated professionals who share a fondness and commitment to books, Kent State, information technology, scholarship, ideas, students, and community–not necessarily in that order. If you feel the same as we do and are interested in supporting the energetic life of KSU libraries as a council member, please contact Cynthia Williams

Lorraine R. Baumgardner