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Purchase to Lease Transition Model: Proposed Plan

  • Education and informational campaign for past, current, and future patrons. Implement in the fall of 2009 and carry through July,2010.
  • Inform known past users and current/future patrons that we will be transitioning to the lease model. Under that model, those that "purchased" software will be grandfathered in.

For instance, if they purchased the software for $100, but we charge $50 annually for it to be leased, they will have an additional year before they are charged for the annual lease.

  • Keep prices for SPSS for Mac, SPSS for Windows, LISREL, SAS, and SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys status quo.
  • Increase AMOS, NVivo and EQS prices to match cost recovery on additional seats.
  • Adjust to new prices for all packages in July 2010.

These prices will be decided with the Advisory Panel. Prices will reflect that cost recovery across all packages is impossible and therefore will be decided upon based on need to keep carry-over funds, decrease piracy, increase seat recovery, and still make software available for teaching and research.

  • Lab pricing needs to be discussed