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Statistical & qualitative software and University Libraries

For an institution which prides itself in its excellent teaching and research, it is crucial that tools (including software) that are fundamental to these activities be centrally supported. Such support reduces waste and redundancy in expenditures and services. In addition, central support provides a mechanism for leveraging volume purchases and support services. University Libraries provides that central location and support.

Three years ago, statistical and qualitative software and services was moved from Information Services to University Libraries. This move has provided a synergy with the research and data resources and services traditionally housed in University Libraries including not only research journals, but databases and support services.

Housing statistical and qualitative software in University Libraries supports the diverse KSU community of stakeholders. The software housed in and supported by University Libraries is used by students and researchers in fields from all 10 Colleges at KSU. The statistical and qualitative software tools are used by faculty and students in virtually every department in Kent State University.

Finally, centrally accessible software and support provides the foundation for collaboration and interdisciplinary ventures which allows Kent State to be on the cutting edge of creation, innovation, research, and teaching.