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Confrontation at Kent Fund, Records, 1970-80

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Confrontation at Kent Fund, Records, 1970-80

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Confrontation at Kent Fund records, 1970-80


Finding Aid

Prepared by Denise D. Cibulas, 15 March 1984. Updated by Penny White, June 2013.
.33 cubic feet (1 document case and 2 oversize folders)

Physical Location: 12th floor

Historical Note

In September 1980, the members of the Confrontation At Kent (CAK) Fund decided that, upon termination of the fund, the papers and records would be placed in the May 4th Collections in the Archives of Kent State University Libraries.

The CAK Fund was organized in the summer of 1970 by eight individuals who were involved in the production and financing of the film "Confrontation at Kent State." The film (b/w, 41 min.) is a documentary that was made about the May 4th disturbances at Kent State University. The film includes interviews with citizens of Kent, with members of the Ohio National Guard, and with students present during the shootings. The film also includes footage of the campus before and after the final confrontation, as well as news clippings concerning the events.

The film represents a student/faculty effort produced independently of the university and put together the week following the May 4th incident. The film was not financed by the university, nor was university equipment used in the film. The equipment that was used was partially financed through grants obtained through the Guggenheim Foundation and the American Film Institutes. These grants were made on the basis of Richard Myers' independent work as a filmmaker.

The CAK Fund was organized by eight members. At the time the film was made their positions were as follows: Richard Myers, faculty member (KSU Art Dept.); Patricia Myers, local real estate agent; Carla Ruff, graduate student (KSU English Dept.); Jake Leed, faculty member (KSU English Dept.); Mary Leed, student (University of Akron, Law); Robert Ohlrich, resident of Kent (KSU graduate); Michael Tarr, student (KSU); and James M. Someroski, faculty member (KSU Art Dept.).

The CAK Fund was controlled as a non-profit organization. The money gathered through rentals, as well as that taken in as a percentage of ticket sales, was distributed at the discretion of the CAK members. Specifically, the money was channeled into those groups which helped to pay for the medical bills and legal defense of students wounded during both the Kent State and Jackson State shootings. When the fund was terminated in 1980, the remaining money was donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Scope and Content

The records of the CAK Fund contain statements of purpose, as well as the university's inquiry into the production of the film. Banking statements and accounting records reflect the importance of the film as it was widely distributed, especially for use on college campuses.


The records are arranged alphabetically by subject matter. The items within each folder are arranged by date. Aside from accounting records and correspondence concerning inquiries about the film, the records also include press releases and messages to the university community issued at the time of the disturbances. An inventory of significant news articles from local newspapers was prepared by the CAK Fund and is included in this collection. The very fact that the CAK members produced the documentary concerning the attitudes of those directly or indirectly involved in the May 4th confrontation and the fact that they also helped to support the victims and their families through the funds generated as a result of the film make these papers a valuable source of information to the researcher of student unrest and its aftermath.

Box 60
Folder -- Contents

  1. Address/phone number lists
  2. Assignment sheet, Greg Payne, Speech 113. NOTE: Concerning readings about May 4 events
  3. Bank book, deposit receipt, money orders, statements for interest income for CAK Fund at City Bank (Kent, Ohio): August 1973-August 1979
  4. Bank statement, canceled checks, check register, depositor's receipts for CAK Fund at Akron National Bank (Akron, Ohio): May 1970-August 1973
  5. Bulletin, Official Bulletin (Kent State University) n.6: June 10, 1970
  6. Correspondence concerning inquiries for purchase/rental of the film "Confrontation at Kent State": May 26, 1970-May 4, 1976. NOTE: Includes letter from Dean H. Keller to Richard Myers concerning possible deposit of film in the Kent State University Libraries
  7. Correspondence concerning inquisition on production of the film "Confrontation at Kent State": August 1970. NOTE: Includes letters to Richard Myers; letter from Myers to President Robert I. White, et al.; with messages to the university community concerning May 4 events
  8. Correspondence from Creative Film Society (California): May 13, 1970-June 16, 1975. NOTE: Includes accounting of film sales/activities through society
  9. Correspondence from new Line Cinema (New York) concerning distribution of the film "Confrontation at Kent State": July 10, 1970-December 1973
  10. Correspondence to faculty from American Association of University Professors concerning formation of task groups to study May 4 events, related issues: May 26, 1970
  11. Correspondence to the parents of William Schroeder from the White House: Reproduced April 17, 1973
  12. Flyers concerning May 4, etc.
  13. Inventory of newspaper clippings concerning May 4 events prepared by CAK Fund
  14. Invoices concerning prints/transfers of the film "Confrontation at Kent State": May 8, 1970-May 6, 1977
  15. Journal entry (copy), Common Pleas Court Case No. 39346, R.J. Kane v. Robert White, et al.: May 7,1970. NOTE: Concerning restrictions upon the entering of the Kent State campus
  16. Ledger, CAK Fund
  17. Miscellaneous notes, CAK Fund: October 1970-December 1970
  18. Miscellaneous receipts, CAK Fund: May 1970-January 1971
  19. News clipping (copy) concerning the film "Confrontation at Kent State" (Akron Beacon Journal).
  20. Newsletter, Kent 25 Plus, v. 1, n.1: November 4, 1970
  21. Newsletter, Ohio Civil Liberties, v. 2, n. 3: June-July 1970
  22. Newspaper, Kent Strike Paper: [June 1970?]
  23. Newspaper, The Partisan: April 15, 1970 (shelved in map case)
  24. Posters (shelved in map case)
  25. Press release concerning American Civil Liberties Union's suit against state officials on behalf of Kent State University students whose rooms were searched around the time of May 4 events: July 21, 1970
  26. Press release from Senator Stephen M. Young: October 24, 1969
  27. Press releases concerning May 4 events, appointment of a committee to study the events, reopening of campus: May 1970
  28. Press releases/flyers concerning the film "Confrontation at Kent State"
  29. Promotional letters to obtain money for Due Process of Law Fund: [1974?-1979]
  30. Purchase orders concerning the film "Confrontation at Kent State": October 5, 1970-February 19, 1971
  31. Receipts concerning payment of medical bills for those wounded at both Kent State and Jackson State. NOTE: With correspondence, thank-you notes from victims' families, and Kent Medical Fund information
  32. Receipts for insured mail, CAK Fund
  33. Report on CAK Fund: March 1972
  34. Statement, Articles of Incorporation of Kent Legal Defense Fund, Inc. (copy): October 20, 1970. NOTE: With copy of CAK Fund's agreement to allow use of their film for fund-raising
  35. Statement, CAK members concerning placement/distribution of funds (copy): August 4, 1970
  36. Statement, CAK members terminate CAK Fund: Signed February 27, 1979-September 24, 1980