Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio. Chancery Office. Diocesan Planning Materials

Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio. Chancery Office. Diocesan Planning Materials

Diocese of Youngstown. Chancery Office. Diocesan Planning Materials, Blueprints and Maps

Finding Aid

Prepared by Edward James Hall, Jr, February 20, 1979; Revised by Lisa Whalen, March, 1997
10 boxes and unboxed items, 11th floor

Scope and Content

The materials in this collection were transferred to the American History Research Center by the Diocese of Youngstown on November 5, 1975, and July 23, 1976.

The Diocese used these preliminary planning materials, blueprints and maps in the acquisition and use of religious facilities. The blueprints pertain to buildings, particularly churches, residences and schools, designed by architects and erected within the Diocese. Finally, the Bishop, clerics and laity used the maps in locating places where meetings were to be held.

The bulk of this collection dates from 1918 through 1965. It is organized according to size of the items, and numbered according to the lists accompanying the materials when they were transferred to the Archives. Each packet of materials is noted and each roll of maps or blueprints is numbered sequentially. Dates are included with the entry wherever possible.

The division of the material generally reflects the original filing sequence. In processing the collection, attention was paid both to chronological sequence and provenance. Consistent with this principle, maps dealing with specific sites of churches, religious residences, and schools have been left with the plans. The maps were probably used as reference maps for meeting locations or routes to be taken.

The condition of these materials on their receipt was typical of non-current institutional maps and blueprints. Many of them had been repaired with scotch tape or not repaired at all.

Researchers should note that this is a preliminary inventory only. As such, most of the maps and blueprints were not subjected to de visu inspection. Rather, the description on either the outside of the package or the lists accompanying the collection were used in ascertaining the contents. Only where either of these aids were useless or confusing was a tube examined firsthand.

Researchers interested in the building of St. Columba Cathedral should also consult the records of the Construction and Dedication of St. Columba Cathedral (B. 6. 7. 3. 1.). The Parish files of the Diocese of Youngstown might also have some materials to supplement these records. The latter files are restricted and researchers desiring access to them must first secure the written permission of the Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of Youngstown.

Please note: The archival records of the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio, are deposited in Kent State University's Department of Special Collections and Archives. All records in this collection are restricted. Researchers must obtain permission from the Diocese of Youngstown Chancellor's Office before using any records in the collection. Click here to view the full access policy for this collection .

Box 1
St. Columba Cathedral Blueprints 15 of 18 total
Box 2
P-1 Plans and drawings for the new church, Canal Fulton, Ohio
P-6 [Map of the] Property of H.C. and Laura Wright, Champion Twp., Trumbull Co., Ohio
P-7 [Plan for the] Saint Louis School, Louisville, Ohio
P-12 [Plans for the] Social Hall and the cafeteria addition for the Sacred Heart of Mary Parish, Harrisburg, Ohio, 1962. Stark Co.
P-15 [Plans for the] Syro-Steel House, Syro-Steel Corp., Girard, Ohio
P-19 [Plans for the] Ursuline Academy, Logan Rd.
P-20 [Plans for the] Convent for Ursuline Sisters
P-21 Floor plan for the New Chancery Building
P-22 Plotting [sic] of property, full drawings of the new church to replace one destroyed by fire. Canal Fulton, Ohio
P-25 (2 rolls) [Plans for] Central Catholic High School, Canton, Ohio
P-29 [Plans for] Mercy Hospital, Canton, Ohio
P-37 Proposed plans for the Ursuline Convent
P-42 Blueprints for St. Lucy Parish Church, Campbell, Ohio
P-43 [Plans for the] Holiday Inn
P-50 [Plans for the] House for Industrial Community Development, 1918
P-53 [Plans for] Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, McDonald, Ohio
P-58 (2 rolls) [Plans for the] Monastery, Canton, Ohio
P-63 Land drawings of the property of Villa Maria, Pennsylvania
P-64 Plot [sic] of the Diocesan and St. Columba property
P-65 [Plan of] St. Mary's School, Conneaut, Ohio
P-70 [Plan of] St Michael's, Canton, Ohio
P-73 [Plan of] St. Patrick Parish, Hubbard, Ohio
P-79 [Map of] Matthews Rd., Boardman Twp.
M-11 Ashtabula Co. Highway Map, 1943
M-14 Township Maps of Trumbull Co.
M-18 Highway Map of Canfield and Liberty Twps.
M-24 Index Map [and Plats] of the Village of Canfield, Mahoning Co., Ohio
M-30 Highway Maps of Mahoning Co. and Vicinity
M-31 Highway Map of Portage Co, County Engineer, 1960
M-32 Map of Youngstown, Ohio. Southside
Box 3
P-3 [Plans for] Annunciation High School Property
P-4 [Plans for] Proposed Auditorium, St. Mary's Parish, Conneaut, Ohio
P-5 [Map of] William Cross Estate, Girard, Ohio
P-8 [Plan for the] Maud E. Lutz property, Canton, Ohio
P-9 (2 rolls) Preliminary plans for remodeling of the Chancery Building
P-16 [Plans for] Addition to the School, St. Ann. Youngstown, Ohio
P-17 [Plans for] Immaculate Conception School, Ravenna, Ohio
P-23 Blueprint for St. Peter of the Field, Rootstown, Ohio
P-30 [Plans for] St. Mary Home for the Aged, and [plans for] Additions to St. Mary's Old Folks Home
P-31 Surveys, Matthews Rd., Southside, Youngstown, Ohio
P-36 [Plan for] Our Lady of Victory, Andover, Ohio
P-39 [Plan for] Poland Home for the Aged
P-40 [Plan for] Pool at Shady Run, Southside
P-45 [Plans for]Assumption School, Geneva, Ohio
P-46 (2 rolls) [Plans for] YCAC Center
P-47 Blueprint for St. Paul Monestery, Canfield, Ohio
P-49 [Plans for] St. Columba School
P-51 Plat of the R.M. Lynch, Victor Good, M.N. and A.J. Boylan, Andrew J. and Ann Burcik Property, Canfield, Ohio
P-54 [Plans for] St. Andrew Bobola, Sheffield, Ohio
P-55 [Plans for] Our Lady of Lourdes School, East Palestine, Ohio
P-57 [Plans for the] Action Center
P-60 [Plans for] Glanmary property. Proposed Old Folks Home
P-68 [Plan for] St. Anthony, Youngstown, Ohio
P-72 [Plans for] Sacred Heart Mission, Rock Creek, Ohio
P-76 [Plans for] Our Lady of Peace, Canton, Ohio
P-77 Proposed Layout of St. Joan of Arc Parish, Canton, Ohio
P-78 [Plans for] Proposal number 31811-07
M-1 Map of Central Parkway, Warren, Ohio. Plat 53
M-12 Township maps of Portage Co., 1965
M-16 Trumbull Co. Highway map
M-20 Highway map of Warren, Ohio
M-22 City map of Kent, Ohio
M-23 Map of the Stark Co. Expressway
M-27 Frontier Plan Number 2, Poland Twp., Mahoning Co., Ohio
M-28 Greater Youngstown Highway map
Folder 1 P-18 Specifications booklet, 1961 (2 copies)
Folder 2 P-38 Specifications booklet, 1961
Box 4
P-33 [Map of] Diocesan Location [sic]
P-34 Land plot [sic] of Father Kane Camp
P-48 [Map of] Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish , Aurora, Ohio
P-61 [Map of] Ground plot, Father Kane Camp, Lake Milton area
M-29 Highway map of Coitsville Twp., Mahoning Co., Ohio
Box 5
P-18 [Plans for] Our Lady of Lourdes, East Palestine, Ohio (see box 3 for specifications)
P-27 [Plans for] Our Lady of Peace Parish. Plans for the Church and School, Canton, Ohio
P-28 Prints and drawings for the Jennings Home for the Aged, Garfield Hts., Cleveland, Ohio
Box 6
P-2 [Plans for] Yankee Lake Village
P-24 [Plan for] St. Anthony's Church, Youngstown, Ohio
P-62 [Plans for] Development of Youngstown University
P-67 [Plan of] St. Joseph's, Ashtabula, ohio
P-69 Plot [sic] of Camp Luther, Proposed camp on Lake Erie
P-75 Blueprints of St. James Parish, Waynesburg, Ohio
M-4 Ward and Precinct map of Youngstown, Ohio
M-5 School District map of Boardman Twp., Mahoning Co., 1953. Revised 1963
M-15 Stark Co. Highway map
M-25 U.S. Route 62 route map
M-26 Highway map of Lake Twp., Stark Co., Ohio
Box 7
P-14 [Plans for] St. Francis Cabrini Church, St. Mary's Parish, Conneaut, Ohio
P-66 Map of St. Joseph's Parish, Mantua, Ohio
Box 8
P-59 [Plans for] Oblate Convent, McDonald, Ohio
P-74 Specifications for Construction of the Newman Club, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Box 9
P-35 [Plan for ] Southside High School
P-38 [Plans for] Sacred Heart, Youngstown, Ohio (see box 3 for specifications)
P-71 [Plans for] Holy Trinity, Struthers, Ohio
Box 10
P-26 Floor plans for Santa Clara Monastery, 4200 Market Ave., North Canton, Ohio
P-80 Plat of Columbiana Number 20 [Estate of Howard C. and Esther Culp]
M-2 Map of Canton, Plain City
Not Boxed
St. Columba Blueprints 3 of 18 total
M-3 Map of Traffic Control Points, Youngstown, Ohio and Vicinity. Mahoning Valley Civil Defense
M-6 U.S. Geological Survey Topographic map of Youngstown and Vicinity, 1954
M-7 Official Highway map of Stark Co., Ohio, 1964. County Engineer, Canton, Ohio
M-8 (2 rolls) Hearne Brothers map of Youngstown and Vicinity
M-13 Hihgway map of Trumbull Co., 1950, County Engineers Dept.
M-19 Youngstown Metropolitan map
M-21 Highway map of Greater Canton and Massillon, Ohio