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John Sokoll Croatian and Serbian Music collection

Finding Aid

Prepared by Aris Bazmadelis, June, 1998; Prepared for the Web by Josh Birk, October, 1998
6 boxes, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection is still being processed. This draft includes only half of 1 box out of 6.

Key for music parts

Following each music piece (or group of music pieces) are a letter (or series of letters). These letters stand for the parts which the music is written for.
BP:B.P. (?)

Box 1

Folder -- Contents

Series 1 -- Polkas
  1. Various polkas: "Sevka Polka" T, "Marijanka Polka" P, "Moje Srce" K, "Ciganka Polka" K, "Belovarska Polka" C, "Leningradska Polka" K, "Moje Srce Polka", K
  2. "Veseliputnik - Happy wandered polka", "Tulak - Polka"; P,T,K,C
  3. "Na Zdencu - Polk"; P,T,C,K,B
  4. "Gypsy - Ciganka - Polka", "Prsi - Prsi - Polka"; P,T,K,C,B; "Nas Matej - Polka"; T,C,B
  5. "Tinker Polka", "Helena Polka"; G. Brac,P,T,C,K,B
  6. "Kochank - Polka", "Bienenhaus - Polka"; P,T,K,C,B
  7. "Bummel - Petrus intermezzo", "Husar ma Konicka - Polka"; P,K,T,C
  8. "Krakowiak Polka", "Na Marjanice - Polka"; B,P,T,K,C
  9. "Bummel Petrus", "Moje Srce, i Leningradska Polka"; P,T,K,C,B
  10. "Hep! Hep! - Polka", "Vattogasna Polka"; P,T,K,C,B
  11. "Ponoc Kad Dodje - Polka"; P,T,K,C; "Moja Malarado Plese - Polka"; P,T
  12. "Picnic Polka", "Osunana"; P,T,K,C
Series 2 -- Hill-Billy
  1. "Barn Dance"; P,BP,T,K,C,B
Series 3 -- Mazurka
  1. "La belle Parisienne"
  2. "Amore Tichiedo", accordion, arr. by Maxie Pisegna
  3. "Oberek - Wlesu"; P,T,K,C,B
  4. "Mala Mila", "Srce za Srce"; P,T,K,C,B
  5. "Marsala, Mia!", "Monterosano"; P,T,C
  6. "Lina Mazurka" P,T,K,B
  7. "Sretan Imendan - Mazurka" P,T,K,C,B
Series 4 -- Semi-Classic
  1. "Volga boatment - bulicki", "Gypsy love song"; P,T,K,C,B
  2. "Ol' man river", "Star-duct"; P,T,C,B
  3. "And Russia is her name", "Bato, Ti si Moje Zlato"; P,T,K,C,B
  4. "Medley of American National Songs", "Golden Slippers Medley"; P,T,K,C
Series 5 -- Waltz
  1. "Medley of Neapolitan Waltzes", "Gipsy Moon"; P,T,K,C,B
  2. "Beautiful Blue", "Danube Waltz", "Koncertni Valcer", "Savski Valovi"; P,T,K,C,B
  3. "Till We Meet Again: My Buddy", "When It's Spring Time in the Rockies", "The Man on the Flying Trapeze"; P,T,K,C
  4. "La Golondrina", "Valcer iz Opera Bohemian Girl"; P,T,K,C,B
  5. "Carolina Sunshine", "La Spagnola Waltz"; P,T,K,C,B
  6. "Honolulu Moon", "Pockaj, Pockaj, Ma Paneka, Valse"; P,T,K,B
  7. "Hawaiian Beauties Waltz", "Serenata Naplitana"; P,T,K,C,B
  8. "You'll Never Go To Heaven", "Sweetheart Let's Grow Old Together"; P,T,K,C,B
  9. "Teodoro Valse", "Hungarian Waltz"; P,T,K,C
  10. "Home on the Range", "Down by the Old Mill Stream", "Ti-Pi-Tin Valse"; P,T,K,C
  11. "The Merry Widow", "Lari-Fari (Sari)"; P,T,K,C
  12. "The Orphan Waltz", "The Dove Waltz"; P,T,K,C,B
  13. "Marie Ah! Marie", "Wiener Blut: Medley", "Tales From Vienna Woods: Medley"; P,T,C,B
  14. "When I Grow Too Old to Dream", "Love Takes a Holiday"; P,T,K,C,B
  15. "Moonlight on the Colorado", "Play Fiddle Play"; P,T,K,C
  16. "My Wild Irish Rose", "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", "Beautifaul Heaven (Cielito lindo)", "Drigo Serenade"; P,T,K,C,B
  17. "Charmaine Waltz", "Home Waltz"; P,T,K,C,B
  18. "Unerneath the Russian Moon"; P,T,K,C,B,G.Brac
  19. "Irish Waltz Medley", "Scotch Waltz Medley"; P,T,K,C,B
  20. "La Golondrina", "Carobni Pogled"; P,T,K,C,B
  21. "A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet", "The Waltz You Saved for Me", "My Isle of Golden Dreams", "In the Valley of the Moon"; P,T,K,C
  22. "Old Timers Medley Waltz No 1", "Old Timers Medley Waltz No 2"; P,T,K,C,B
  23. "Dutch Waltz Medley", Russian Waltz Medley"; P,T,K,C,B
  24. "Spanish Waltz Medley", "Neapolitan Medley"; P,T,K,C,B
  25. "The Missouri Waltz", "Beautiful Ohio"; P,T,K,C,B
Series 6 -- Hymn
  1. "The Star Spangled Banners", "Jugoslovenska Zvanicna Himna"; T,K,C,B
  2. "Yugoslovenska Narodna Himna"; P,T,K,C,B
  3. "Oj Srbijo"; B; "Internacionala"; P,T,K,C,B
Series 7 -- Tango
  1. "Mala Tiha Ulica"; Melody,C,Brac II,B,Bug
  2. "Sanjaj Marelo", "Misirlou" (Arabian Serenade); P,T,K,C
  3. "Glykomu Agory", "To Mortaki"; P,T,K,C
  4. "Pred Prozorom Svoje Drage", "Shubert Serenade"; P,T,K,C (Bariton),B
  5. "Siboney", "Cuban Rumba", "Panama Rumba"; P,T,K,C,B
  6. "Night in Harem", "Orient Tango"; P,T,K,C,B
  7. "El Choclo." Tango, "Hungaraia No.1"; P,T,K,C,B
  8. "Oh, Donna Clara" Tango, "Valencia"; P,T,K,C
  9. "Auld Lang Syne", "Jingle Bell March", "Silent Night"; P,T,K,C,B
  10. "O Solo Mio", "It's a long, long way to Tipperary"; P,T,K,C,B
  11. "Tango des Roses", "La Comparsita"; P,T,K,C,B
Series 8 -- Fox Trots
  1. "Whispering They Cut Down the Old Tree", "Margie"; P,K,C,B;
    "Draga Megbacsason Nekem", "Mariner March"; P
  2. "Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia", "Doin' the Suzi-Q",
    "Moonlight and Shadows", "Shine on Harvest Moon"; P,T,K,C,B
  3. "I Want a Girl -- Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet", "Smiles:--: Sweet Sue Just You"; P,T,K,C,B
  4. "La Paloma -- La Golondrina", "Draga Magbocsason Nekem"; P,T,K,C,B
  5. "Vieni, Vieni"; P,T,K,C,Brac
  6. "In the Chapel in the Moonlight", "Pennies from Heaven"; P,T,K,C,B
  7. "Bei mir bist du schon" (Means That You're grand); P,T,K,C,B; "Rosalie"; B
  8. "The Night is Young and You're so Beautiful", "Serenade in the Night"; P,K,T,C,B,BP
  9. "When my Dream Boat Comes Home", "Goodnight my Love"; P,T,K,C,B,BP
  10. "The Glory of Love", "Let Yourself Go"; P,T,K,C,B,BP
  11. "St. Louis Blues"; P,T,K,C,B,Brac I,II; "Wabash Blues"; P,T,K,C,B
  12. "Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes", "You Call Everybody Darling"; P,K,B