Resource Description

Aldrich/ACD Library of FT NMR Spectra (Pro Version)
Electronic version of the print title The Aldrich Library of 13 C and 1 H FT NMR Spectra 3 vol. set (QD96.F68 P67 1993). The Electronic Library contains CNMR and HNMR spectra of 11,828 organic compounds as well as information about their physico-chemical properties. You can browse through the database, perform searches according to catalog parameters (catalog number, CAS number, formula, name, and book references, print spectrum, as well as perform some basic operations with a spectrum (Peak picking and integration). In addition there are features such as multi-level searching using search lists, searching according to molecular weight, chemical properties(boiling point, melting point, etc.), structures and sub-structures, spectral parameters(peaks and solvent), searching for portions of the spectrum, and substructure search. It is also possible to create and modify reports using the ACD/ ChemSketch chemical graphics application.