Resource Description

This companion web site to the PBS documentary film "Copyright Criminals," examines the history of musical sampling, provoking debates about copyright, compensation and creativity in the age of intellectual property. To understand the complexity of the debate over sampling and copyright law, visitors should check out the link "Sampling" near the top of the page, which provides "Sampling: an Overview", a "Timeline", which can be viewed as a flipbook, list, map, or traditional timeline, and a "Glossary of Terms". The "Classroom" feature for the film is for 9th-12th graders, as well as for college students. Video modules explain the different issues in the debate, such as "Can You Own a Sound?", "Sampling in Other Forms of Media and Industry", and "Hip Hop Sampling Theft or Tribute?" All the "Educational Materials" including "Educator Guide", "Teacher and Student Handout", and "Discussion Guide" are available below the video modules, and are free to download.