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Basic RefWorks - Working with folders

You can create different areas on your RefWorks site that have references for different projects. These areas are called "folders".

Creating Folders

There is no limit on the number of folders you can create within your RefWorks account.

1. From the pull-down menu Folders, select Create New Folder.

2. Enter a name in New Folder Name; click O K.

TIP: The Last Import folder contains only references from your most recent data import that have not been filed in other folders. References from imports prior to your last import not assigned to specific folders remain available in your primary database.

Putting References into Folders

1. From the Search pull-down menu, do a search or look up to retrieve references already in your RefWorks database to put in a folder.

2. Mark desired references from the search results page, then click the button titled Selected. The selected references feature works on a page-by-page basis; this means that you must add the manually selected references to the desired folder before moving to the next page. Alternatively, you can mark All in List or all on a Page

3. Select folder from the Put in Folder drop-down menu

4. References will automatically be added to the indicated folder.

TIP: References can be assigned to more than one folder.

NOTE: References not assigned to a folder by you will be put in an area on your RefWorks site called "References Not in a Folder".