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Basic RefWorks - Editing references

Individual References

Use these steps for making changes to one reference on your RefWorks site.

1. Click the Edit link located at the top right corner of the reference.

2. Edit any field(s) as necessary.

3. Select Save Reference at top of the page.

Global Editing

Use these steps if you want to simultaneously enter identical information in a group of your references.

1. From the View drop-down menu, select All References or a folder of references. You can also globally edit references from search results in RefWorks.

2. Select the references you wish to edit.

3. Click on Global Edit.

4. Choose the specific field to edit from the drop-down list.

5. Type in the data you want to add to the field in the Change Field to: box.

6. Select the appropriate option for handling the field:
— Append to Existing Data, or
— Overwrite Existing Data ( what you currently have in the field will be gone), or
— Leave Existing Data Alone (if the field contains data the edit feature will skip over that particular reference).

7. Click OK.

TIP: This feature can be particularly useful for adding information to records imported from online databases missing key fields necessary for a specific bibliographic output style.