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Basic RefWorks - Using KentLINK and OhioLINK with RefWorks

A. Quick steps for sending one KentLINK item at a time to your RefWorks site.

1. As you are looking at a KentLINK screen with full information for an item including Location and Status, you can click on the "Add to RefWorks" link.

2. Next, if you are connected to RefWorks already, you will see that the record is imported into the "Last Imported Folder". If you were not already connected to RefWorks, then login and the import will proceed.

B. Steps for sending a number of selected items into RefWorks at one time from KentLINK or OhioLINK.

These steps are more involved than what is shown in A. above, and assume you are connected to KentLINK or OhioLINK and are looking at a screen of results. The steps are for those who use Microsoft Windows; Mac users can follow these steps and can adjust.

1.From the KentLINK Search Results list, click the Add to Folder button next to each of the records you want to export (send to RefWorks). In the OhioLINK Library catalog, check the box next to each of the records you want to export.

2.In KentLINK, click View Folder.  In the OhioLINK Library catalog, click the Saved Marked Records button, and then click the View Saved Records button.

3.In KentLINK, click Export Folder

4.In KentLINK (or OhioLINK) click Select ALL.

5.Next, click Endnote/RefWorks Tagged format.  

6.Then click Local Disk, and click Submit.

8.In the small window that opens, click Save to disk..or to File, etc.

9. You may choose the location to save your file on your computer, or note where it will be saved.

10. Also, if there is a Save as type dropdown box, choose Text Document. The default name for your file is "export.txt", although you can change the name.

12.Click Save...or OK, etc.

13. If you see a "Download complete" window, you can click Close.

14. Next, move to your RefWorks window, or log into RefWorks if not already logged in.

15. On RefWorks, click on "References" and choose "Import".

16. Next, from the Import Filter/Data Source drop-down box, select Innovative Interfaces (Endnote/Refworks Format)". Your screen will refresh.

17. From the Database drop-down box, select EndNote/RefWorks Format.

18. Click the Browse in the middle of the screen.

19. In the next window (e.g., Choose File or File upload), click the "export.txt" file.

20. Click the "Open" button.

21. Back at the RefWorks Import page: Note that the path and export.txt file display in the Import Data textbox.

22. Click the Import button near the bottom of the page. RefWorks will prompt with Import completed when it is finished.

23. Click View Last Imported Folder to view your references.