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All resources on this page are licensed or are openly available for educational use by Kent State University faculty, students, and staff. Resources are also listed by subject.


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Classical Music Library
An online streaming music service featuring works from the Medieval era through the present. Recordings can be located by browsing lists or by using either the basic or advanced search engines, and users can create and save playlists of their favorite music. Note: Off-campus access to Classical Music Library requires Internet Explorer.

Kent State Shootings Oral Histories is a collection of recordings related to the May 4, 1970 shootings of Vietnam War protestors at Kent State University. The oral histories include many eyewitness accounts of the event and its aftermath, contributed by people who were students, faculty members, and City of Kent residents at the time, as well as an account by an Ohio National Guardsman.

Naxos Music Library
"Naxos Music Library is the most comprehensive collection of classical music available online. It includes the complete Naxos, Marco Polo and Da Capo catalogues of over 560,000 tracks, including Classical music, Historical recordings, Jazz, World, Folk and Chinese music. While listening via Adobe Flash Player, users can read notes on the works being played as well as biographical information on composers or artists in Naxos's extensive database. If Adobe Flash Player 10 is not installed on your computer, please take a moment and install:"--FAQ page

Naxos Music Library - Junior Section
Student oriented resource that provides opportunities for individual exploration of music topics. Topics include "Meet the Instruments ," "The Story of Classical Music ," and a series of recordings called "Music for Kids ."

The Borror Laboratory collection contains approximately 28,000 recordings of over 1000 species of animals. Includes recordings of songbirds (tanagers and sparrows) and New World wood warblers.


You need to connect to the Kent State VPN to access the research databases listed on this page. Click this button for instructions. OhioLINK Authentication users can ignore this alert.
Archives of C-SPAN broadcasts back to 1987. Includes coverage of every House and Senate session and every White House press briefing and other acts of official Washington. Includes additional special programming on political and historical topics. 150,000 videos available.

Educational Films and Documentaties
Educational Films & Documentaries contain full-length educational videos covering a wide variety of subjects. The collection currently includes videos from two distributors, Ambrose Video and Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

Each of the 600 demonstrations is concisely produced and narrated, each stands alone and illustrates a particular principle of physics. The demonstrations are augmented by slow-motion photography and animation. Videos are accompanied by a printer-friendly PDF page which may contain graphics, tables or figures not easily rendered on the web. Videos are available in RealVideo format and may be streamed or dowloaded.

Foreign Language Videos
Includes the ViewPoints Project, a collection of foreign language video clips in which native speakers discuss aspects of their culture, family, daily life, and more. Videos are in QuickTime format and include contents, country, grammar and vocabulary notes. (NOTE: use limited to students, staff, and faculty of OhioLINK member institutions.)

Reproductive Physiology Animations is a collection of learning modules on human reproduction from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The modules have animation, and some have sound.

Television News Archive (1968 - Current)
Contains listings, summaries, and descriptions of news broadcasts found in the Vanderbilt University television news archive. Segments of the evening news as well as special broadcasts covering political conventions, presidential campaigns, international events, and more are included. Names of reporters, anchors, persons involved in an event, and a summary may be searched. Major networks covered are ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, as well as ABC's Nightline since 1989.


You need to connect to the Kent State VPN to access the research databases listed on this page. Click this button for instructions. OhioLINK Authentication users can ignore this alert.
AP Images
Contains approximately 500,000 photos and selections of pictures from the AP image and print negative library. Pictures cover local, state, national and international subjects. (Formerly AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive.)

Including works by Eisenman, Fellheimer & Wagner, Latrobe, Elizabeth Nourse, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

ARTstor is a digital library of nearly one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences with a set of tools to view, present, and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes. Images are available for use in presentations for educational or other noncommercial uses.

Dolphin Embryo Digitized Slides are scanned images of histological sections, captured using a digital camera connected to a microscope. Embryos were made available by the Los Angeles County Museum. The goal behind these sections is to allow researchers and others to be able to see each section individually to study histological embryology as well as use a group of images to see changes within tissues.

E.W. Scripps: Papers: 1868-1926
E. W. Scripps Papers is a collection of letters and photos from the Scripps Manuscript Collection at Ohio University. Edward Willis Scripps (1854-1926) was a businessman and journalist associated with the founding of the Scripps Howard chain of newspapers and the United Press International independent news gathering company.

Geology Photographs is a collection of photos depicting natural features and the human impact on environments around the world.

Greek and Latin Inscriptions is a collection of digitized squeezes (accurate paper impressions) of inscriptions from Greece, Italy, and Macedonia. The squeezes were contributed by the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies at The Ohio State University, whose purpose is to foster the study of inscriptions and manuscripts and promote research opportunities for those interested in these primary sources of information about the ancient and mediaeval world.

Historic Maps of Akron and Summit County, Ohio
Digitized map collection that currently consists of the Atlas and industrial geography of Summit county, Ohio published by Rectigraph Abstract & Title Company; Combination atlas map of Summit county, Ohio published by Tackabury, Mead & Moffett; and Illustrated Summit County, Ohio, published by Akron Map & Atlas Co.

the Akron Art Museum includes works by Stieglitz, Rauschenberg, Warhol, and Weegee.

Lake Erie's Yesterdays is a collection of historic photographs of northwestern Ohio, documenting the local history of the Erie Islands and Lake Erie's western basin. These black and white images were produced by Sandusky, Ohio, commerical photographer Ernst Niebergall between 1909 and 1915.

Mayan Archaeology Photographs show Mayan architecture and scenery from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala and serves as a resource for the exploration of the various and complex interrelationships within Mayan society.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Digital Images is a collection of documents related to slavery, abolition, and emancipation. The collection includes abolitionist broadsheets, photographs by Matthew Brady, letters and speeches of President Lincoln and other presidents, and other historic letters, documents, and pictures.

Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station Forestry Image Collection is a collection of photos of forestry, dating back to the early 20th century. Images portray trees, cultivation, care, and the effects of human activity. Many pictures were taken in Ohio but other states and countries are also represented.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (1867 - 1970)
The Sanborn Maps are large scale street plans produced by the Sanborn Fire Insurance company from 1867 to 1970. Sanborn Maps show the outline of each building including the location of windows and doors together with street names, street and sidewalk widths, property boundaries, building use, and house and block numbers. These maps are used by a wide range of researchers including local historians to locate and identify buildings and neighborhoods, urban historians to study the growth of towns and cities, and environmentalists concerned about impact of new developments.
Sanborn Map Keys and Legends

Saskia Art history Images
Saskia Art History Images is a collection of digital art images with a special emphasis on the core images required for teaching the history of Western Art. Including titles from the textbooks Gardner's Art Through the Ages, Stokstad's History of Art, and Hartt's History of Italian Renaissance Art.

The Art Collection
The ART Collection provides high-quality, digital images of works of art from museums around the world. Cultures and time periods represented range from contemporary art, Native American and Inuit art, to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian works, along with Japanese and Chinese works.

High resolution scans of works of art by Cleveland artists, commissioned under the Works Progress Administration. The WPA was the largest New Deal program and provided jobs and income to the unemployed during the Great Depression. It built many public buildings and roads, and as well operated a large arts project.

Wright Brothers Collection documents the invention of the airplane, the lives of the Wright Family, and the Wrights' flying exhibitions in Europe and the United States. The collection provides thorough coverage of the Wrights' early inventive period documenting their early gliders and flight testing in both North Carolina and Ohio.