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Performing Arts Library

Finding Works in Collected Editions

Collected editions are sets of printed music that include either selected/complete works of a particular composer (usually classified in M3) or works by various composers of a particular period, region, or genre (usually classified in M2).  These scholarly editions are intended chiefly as sources of study.  Because most of the collections are cataloged as a whole in KentLINK, the contents of individual volumes are usually not listed.

  1. Consult a reference source to determine which collected edition includes the work you seek:

  2. Search KentLINK to determine if KSU holds the volume in question.

  3. Select "Author" tab and enter composer's name (last name first). 

  4. Choose form of composer's name with greatest number of entries.

  5. Click "Limit/Sort" button.

  6. Limit search to printed music, click on "Other Material Type" menu and select "Music Score."  After "Words in Title" menu, type one of the following: "works," "instrumental music," "vocal music," or "chamber music."

  7. Click "Submit."