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Music Performance Resources for Keyboard & Percussion

The Music Performance Resources page offers further resources useful to performance majors, including research and sound recording databases, foreign language dictionaries, and sources for music performance reviews.

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Selected Internet Resources for Keyboard

About Temperaments
A page with graphical overview of music history and composers and what temperaments existed during those times. Includes a graph and chart of all cent sizes and beat rates.

The College and University Technicians Website (CAUT)
Provides information tailored to technicians and administrators who maintain large inventories of pianos.

Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
Includes construction details, examples, and sound files.

Five Lectures on the Acoustics of the Piano (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
The WWW version of a book edited by Anders Askenfelt.  Sound files for example are included.

Musician's Health Page
Contains information about carpal tunnel and other problems that musicians encounter. Also includes positive ways to make music making more enjoyable.

Piano Care Resources (Piano Technicians Guild)
Contains brochures on caring for pianos and how pianos work, as well as links to articles and videos on caring for and building pianos.

Piano Gen
A site with historical information and drawings of pianos.  This site is from England and focuses on European pianos.

The Piano Learning Center
Contains resources including lesson plans for school presentations, piano teachers, home-schoolers and parents, as well as Online games and downloadable activities for children of all ages and links web pages about piano history, piano care, and other resources.

The Piano Museum
Contains information on the history of the piano.

Piano Pedagogy Forum

Piano Talk Online
Piano Industry news and facts.

Research on Piano Hammers
This page by Daniel Russell has research on the nonlinear behavior of piano hammers published by the Acoustical Society of America.

Tuning Temperaments using an electronic meter
This site lists offsets from equal temperament for many historical temperaments.

Smoke Damage Restoration for Pianos (Piano Technicians Guild)
Covers topics to define the perils of smoke regarding the piano as well as offer insightful information on successful avenues for complete odor removal.


Cleveland International Piano Competition

International Franz Liszt Piano Competition

The International Piano Institute

The Piano Technicians Guild list of Piano Competitions

Lesson Plans & Activities for Teachers

Resources for Teachers (Piano Technicians Guild)
Includes lesson plan ideas and activities for teaching piano.

Recreational Music Making (RMM)
Learn about an innovative program that reaches adult learners through group-based music-making activities. See a video about the benefits of RMM and find out about teacher training opportunities.


Selected Internet Resources for Percussion

Acoustics of bell plates (by Joe Wolfe, University of New South Wales Physics Department)
This page explains the physics of bell plates.  It requires no mathematics beyond multiplication and division, nor any technical knowledge of acoustics.

All About Mallet Percussion (by Ted Wolff, Vibraphone player and teacher at Berklee College)
Includes an overview and brief history of mallet percussion.

Marimba Portal (German)
A German speaking portal for information on the Marimba and a forum for the Marimba Community.

Percussion Education Video Gallery (Percussive Arts Society)

Percussion Information Page (by Marc Zoutendijk)

Percussion Music Online
Includes composition research, promotes new music and creates an online community of musicians specializing in the practical performance of drums and percussion.


Professional Organizations

Acoustical Society of America

American Guild of Organists

The American Pianist's Association

American Theatre Organ Society

International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians (IAPBT)

NAfME (National Association for Music Education)

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

Musical Instrument Technicians Association

National Piano Foundation

Organ Historical Society

Percussive Arts Society

The Piano Technician's Guild

Reed Organ Society