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Music Performance Resources for Brass

The Music Performance Resources page offers further resources useful to performance majors, including research and sound recording databases, foreign language dictionaries, and sources for music performance reviews.

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Selected Internet Resources for Brass

Brass Acoustics : An Introduction (by Joe Wolfe, University of New South Wales Physics Department)
This page explains the physics of brass instruments (technically the lip reed family). It requires no mathematics beyond multiplication and division, nor any technical knowledge of acoustics.

Brass Playing Articles (by Jeff Purtle)
Trumpet player Jeff Purtle has published some articles on brass playing on his web site. A former student of Claude Gordon, Jeff's articles reflect Gordon's pedagogical approach.

Brass Playing Articles (maintained by Brad Howland,
This page contains links to about 50 articles on brass playing by Howland and several other notable brass players and teachers.
A Players Guide to Brass Instruments.

A Brief History of Brass Instruments (by David Wilken, Western Carolina University)

Recording Brass Instruments (by David Summer, Electronic Musician)
Online article discussing the art and science of recording brass instruments.

Yamaha Wind Instrument Podcasts
Video and audio podcast episodes focus on flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, cornet, trombone, horn, low brass, tuba and drum and bugle corps in the jazz, world music, pop and classical idioms.



Trumpet Herald
Includes a public forum, a word wide directory of trumpet players, personals, download sound MP3 files of trumpet playing, and view announcements for trumpet related information.

Trumpet Master

Trumpet Players' International Network
Listserv for trumpet players.

Trumpet Player Online
An excellent source for trumpet related articles, reviews, interviews, links to trumpet related web sites, and much more.

Trumpet Topics (by Bryon Goff, trumpet instructor at Florida State University)
A site of mini-essays offering advice to the trumpet student.


French Horn

Horn Articles Online (by John Ericson, Arizona State University)
A large collection of information on horn playing and horn history.

The Horn Channel (YouTube)
Interesting, entertaining, educational and of great historic value. This is a collection of short videos by Ifor James, Hans Pizka and Greg Cass.

Horn Excerpts (by Daren Robbins)
A collection of horn excerpts presented as they appear in the original parts and performed in context by various orchestras.

Horn Insights (Blog) (by Jeffrey Agrell, University of Iowa)

Horn Matters (Blog) (by Jon Ericson, Associate Professor of horn at Arizona State University and Bruce Hembd, member of the Arizona Opera Orchestra)
A site and resource dedicated to French horn & brass related topics, and to the business of performing classical music.

Julia Rose's Horn Page (Blog)
Notes from master classes by Mark Lawrence, David Krehbiel, Arnold Jacobs, audition lists, and more.



Alto Trombone Page (by Robert Kehle, Pittsburgh State University)
This resource includes information on literature and equipment, as well as fingering charts for the Eb and F altos.

Awesome Trombone Links (by Edward Evans)

Doug Yeo Trombone Web Site (Bass Trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra)
Doug Yeo has provided trombonists with an invaluable online resource. This site is filled with articles, excerpts, music, and recording information. (by Lucinda Lewis, author of Broken Embouchures and Embouchure Rehabilitation)
Informational site for brass players suffering from embouchure overuse syndrome, chronic playing-related lip pain, lip swelling, and general injury-driven disability

Online Trombone Journal
Includes articles and reviews, resources for beginners, classified adds and a Listserv for trombone players.

Trombone Page of the World


Tuba (by Dave Werden, former member of the U.S. Coast Guard Band)
A resource for tuba and euphonium/baritone players, with a forum, Blog, tuba/euph store, and euphonium music guide, plus helpful advice and examples on taking military band auditions.

TubaNet (by Sean Chisham, U.S. Army Band)
Active chat forum for tuba players that also tracks auditions, performances and recordings.


Competitions & Festivals

Cosmopolitan Tuba Euphonium Workshop

Eastern Trombone Workshop Competitions

International Trombone Festival

Lieksa International Trombone Competition

Musica Porcia International Competition

Pokorny Low Brass Seminar (University of Redlands)

Rafael Mendez Brass Institute

Summer Trombone Workshop (Temple University)

Zellmer-Minnesota Orchestra Trombone Competition


Professional Organizations

British Horn Society

Historic Brass Society

International Horn Society

International Trombone Association

International Trumpet Guild

International Tuba Euphonium Association (ITEA)

National Trumpet Competition