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Finding tests and assessment tools in the Texas Guide

This resource provides access information to copies of tests found in books, CD-ROM, the ETS Microfiche collection, and a selection of Internet sites. Tests and assessment tools covered include those use in a range of professions such as nursing, psychology, sociology, business, medicine, and education.

The Texas guide can be used to:

  • Identify tests, and locate copies of tests.
  • Very likely lead to general descriptions, reliability/validity information, test publisher, and other information about the tests.


Connect here to search (a new window will open, and you can use the steps below).


After connecting, you should see a split window (each section has identical content).

On both screens you will see a Google keyword search box. Below this, under discussion on obtaining resources, you find links for author searching and keyword "browse" searching.


1. As a sample "Google" search, click in the box and type self concept Also type "compilation volumes" (in quotes), and click "Go". You may also type in the first few words (in quotes) of the title of a test (e.g., "Agoraphobia questionnaire" "compilation volumes" ).

2. Next, you see a list of results. Tests with your search keywords in their titles will found in the listings under each link that begins with "Tests and Measures in..." Clicking on any link connects to a screen where you may browse to identify test titles of interest.

3. Look to find the title of the book (or resource). Typically, this screen will include lists of test titles, authors, resource name that contains the tests, page numbers, etc. - or, the screen will contain one resource (at top, e.g., book title), and then listings of test titles, page numbers, etc.

4. After noting the page number, do a search on KentLINK for books to find call number to access the book (or location of needed resource). The test will be in the book on the page indicated. Note: we have all of the Tests In Microfiche collection on second floor of the Main Library on the Kent campus.


1. To use the "browsing search", for example, to search for a test that has the word "impulsivity" in it, in the left-hand screen click on the Test Link. The right-hand screen shows the Test Keyword Links.

2. In the right screen, find and click on the "i", and then on "im" (for impulsivity). This takes you to the section that may have tests with "impulsivity" in their titles. Scroll down to see test titles with various forms of "impulsive" in them.

3. Note the book title and page numbers for test of interest; and do a title search on KentLINK to see if we have the book and to see the location and call number. For example, there is a "Barratt impulsiveness scale", in the book Measures for clinical practice: A sourcebook. 3rd edition, in volume 2 on pages 104-106. The call number in the Main library is BF176 .C66 2000, and it's in the Main Library Reference Collection.

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