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Kent State librarians recommend:


Provides statistical facts, figures, and rankings for over 190 countries. Each entry lists economic, social, technological, and environmental information.

List of resources related to Canadian government documents, and country information provided by Yale University.

Contains online versions of previously published country studies published by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.

Flags of the World
Contains over 18,000 pages of information about flags and over 32,000 images of flags. Each flag page includes information about the flag's history, the flag's symbology, and in some cases, different incarnations of the nation's flag.

Lists and links to foreign embassies in the nation's capital.

Provides statistics and graphs on a variety of topics for countries worldwide.

U.S. State Department links to embassies and consulates of the United States Government all over the world.

Offers demographic information on countries around the world, including description of the country's government, economic development, communications, transportation, population statistics, languages, and ethnic groups.

Directory of governments and countries provided by Yahoo!

Directory of countries by region, provided by Yahoo!

U.S.A. - States Information

Provides facts about the 50 states, plus listings of state representatives and senators on the federal and state level.

Full-text State Statutes and Legislation on the Internet
"This page seeks to link to sites containing full-text state constitutions, statutes (called codes or compiled laws in some states), legislation (bills, amendments, etc.), session laws (bills that have become laws), and administrative rules." (description from site)

Compiled by the Library of Congress.

Arranged alphabetically by state, reviewed by author periodically for quality.

Data compiled by the Economic Research Service, USDA.

List of official libraries for each state, and links to the online library and catalog, compiled by the Library of Congress.

From the Internet Public Library. Find out the basic facts of any state in the Union, including Washington, D.C.