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Aerial Photography

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The Arizona Regional Image Archive provides aerial images of Arizona, other western states, and Mexico. In addition, the site provides a tutorial for land cover change monitoring, links to other sensing education resources, and links to other web resources for geospatial technology.

Colorado Aerial Photographs provides access to over 1,700 aerial photographs, taken by U.S. Forest Service, of Boulder, Clear Creek, Eagle, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Larimer, and Summit counties between the years 1938 and 1947. The photographs can be searched or browsed using a map search or a geographic keyword search. Searches will bring up information and metadata about each photograph and a 150 dpi image.

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection GIS Data site provides extensive maps and data about Connecticut. Included are USGS topographic maps; digital orthophoto quarter quadrangles images; administrative and political boundries; coastal resources; drainage basins; geographic names; geology points, lines, and materials; hydrography; hypsography; land use; open space and recreational property; soil data; transportation data; and waste sources and treatment. Links to related sites are also provided.

This collection is made available by the Connecticut State Library's Digital Collections. In 1934, Connecticut became the first state to complete a statewide aerial survey. This site offers several statewide aerial surveys, including 1934, 1938, and 1965. The site offers several ways to search for photos, including a street map locator, search by town, or the 1934 index sheet locator. Images can be zoomed, rotated, and cropped. You can print maps and photos, save copies, send to FedEx Kinko's, or share at a meeting with Acrobat Connect.

Earth Explorer is a product of the US Geological Survey containing downloads of DOQQ'S (digital aerial photography), the National Elevation Dataset, Digital Line Graph data, as well as other Satellite imagery for the lower 48 states. These are free digital products. Just log in as Guest for access.

The Florida Land Boundry Information System provides interactive map interfaces and accompanying data for three data sets: survey data, water boundry data, and mapping data. The mapping data includes digital orthophoto imagery, digital raster graphics, digital line graphics, digital elevation models, and National Wetlands Inventory maps. The site also offers data for Hillsborough, Lee, Pasco, and St. Johns Countys, as well as links to related sites.

The Central Florida Geographic Information Systems site provides a regional users group and a data clearinghouse for central Florida. The data clearinghouse features a set of directories that includes digital orthophoto quarter quadrangle images and other files. Links to related sites are also provided. Users must create free accounts to use many of the site's features.

The Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse provides maps and aerial photographs of Georgia. The data can be searched using either queries or a graphic map viewer. The site features Department of Transportation and topographic maps, as well as data from the 2000 census. The site also provides historical aerial photographs and links to related sites. Free registartion is required.

This site provides driving directions, maps of locations and satellite images of those locations. Images are in full color if a little distorted by full zoom. Images seem to be 1-3 years old. There is no indication of how often images will be updated, if at all.

The Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse provides data files and documentation for USGS Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle images and Digital Raster Graphic files, geology, land use, natural resources, political boundaries, roads, year 2000 Orthoimagery for the Des Plaines River Watershed, and Historical Aerial Photographs from 1938 to 1941.

The Indiana Spatial Data Portal provides online access to topographic maps and aerial photographs of Indiana. The site includes an interactive map, statewide aerial photographs, topographic maps, and digital elevation data. Links to related sites are provided.

Iowa DNR Interactive Mapping allows interactive viewing of aerial maps of Iowa using different search criteria: streams, lakes, watersheds, highways and roads, public lands, and political boundries.

The Iowa Geographic Map Server provides free access to Iowa geographic map data through an on-line map viewer and through GIS web map server (WMS) connections. Available maps include aerial photographic maps, agricultural maps, infrared maps, relief maps, raster graphic maps, landcover maps, and vegetation maps.

The Iowa Geospatial Data Clearinghouse provides maps, aerial photographs, and other data regarding Iowa. The data is broken into many areas, including administrative and political bounds, cultural and demographic, environmental, geologic and geophysical, locations and geodetic nets, and transportation networks. Metadata is also included, as are links to other related sites.

The Louisiana Statewide GIS Atlas provides very extensive maps and information regarding Louisiana. Maps and information are provided regarding census and demographic data, national wetlands inventory data, topographic data, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) data, and elevation data. Also included are coastline images, a satellitetour of Louisiana, a review of road projects, information about oil and gas projects, spatial information about the Atchafalaya River Basin, and many other topics. Information about digital orthophoto quarter quadrangle imagery and GIS is also provided.

This site provides access to Mississippi's GIS data and offers many related resources, such as metadata, data sets, mapping of data sets, and statewide aerial photography. The two most commonly used file formats for downloading are Arc/Info (ARC) and ArcView (AV), though other formats can be used through contact with the Technical Center.

Compiled for the Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Digital Orthophotos site provides access to digital orthophotos and metadata of Massachusetts, including Eastern Massachusetts, Boston, the mainlaind, islands, and the Springfield area. Originally hosted on MIT's server, the site is now located on MassGIS's server.

The Michigan Geographic Data Library catalogs the GIS data that the State of Michigan provides for Internet access. The data may be searched by geographic extent, theme, or metadata. The maps and data in the library include aerial imagery, base maps, census information, groundwater and land cover / use information, management boundaries, mineral management, land and mineral ownership, land stewardship, place and political features, plant and animal locations, public land survey features, satellite imagery, soils imformation, topographic maps and data, transportation maps, and utility information. Links to related sites are provided.

This site by the Michigan Department of Information Technology includes a map gallery with maps covering school districts, travel and recreation, natural resources and the environment, boundary maps, and census maps. There is a Michigan Mapper section with links to mapping applications. A geographic data library has statewide datasets, aerial photography, topos, and a state base map.

The Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse provides a comprehensive collection of geospatial data for Montana including aerial photographs, topographic maps, soils data, land ownership maps, and a Montana digital atlas. The site also provides links to other resources provided by the Montana Natural Resource Information System.

This site provides availability and pricing information for aerial photographs in the NHAP/NAPP archives. It also describes the technical details of how the photographs are made. NHAP/NAPP is affiliated with the U.S. Geological Survey. (No longer updated- see the National Map.)

The U.S. Geological Survey consolidates information from local, state and federal agencies to seamlessly integrate many layers of georeferenced data into this national map. Find and print the map, or download the data associated with the area you have found.
Viewer (direct link)

The New Jersey Bureau of Geographic Information Systems site provides a wealth of maps and other GIS data regarding New Jersey. The site features an interactive map serving New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Geology, and Environmental Management System. The interactive map also covers the Delaware River Basin. The site also features digital orthophoto quarter quadrangle images of the entire state from both 1995 and 2002, CAFRA layers, information about various mapping standards, GPS resources, and related information. In addition, the site provides links to related sites.

The New York State GIS Clearinghouse provides digital raster graphics and digital orthoimagery for New York State. The digital orthoimagery files can be searched using an interactive mapping gateway, or they can be downloaded directly. The site also provides an interactive map that allows direct searching of each county for orthoimagery and related data sets. In addition, the site provides metadata, a glossary, GIS tools, and links to related sites.

The North Dakota State Agency Interactive and Static Maps site provides maps of North Dakota, including maps of groundwater pesticide sensitivity, commerce, road conditions and construction, game and fish areas, legislative districts, tax rates, oil and gas information, and sex offender residences. The site also provides metadata and related links. Use Hub Explorer for aerial photography.
North Dakota Hub Explorer

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey provides information about the geology of Pennsylvania, including geology abstracts, geologic hazards, glaciation, fossils, landforms, and oil and gas resources. The Survey also provides digital maps and GIS data regarding Pennsylvania, including geologic maps, topographic maps, aerial photographs, and geospatial data. In addition, the Survey provides information about its publications and links to related sites.

Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access is Pennsylvania's official public access geospatial information clearinghouse. The site provides a Data Access Wizard, allowing searches by keyword, theme, data provider, and county; the Data Access Wizard also allows browsing by map services and data sets. An interactive imagery viewer and download tool is also provided. The site also supports searches by quadrangle and watershed. Extensive images and data are provided on the site, including ecosystem analysis, conservation resources, aquatic habitats, wetlands inventory, raster graphics, land cover data, digital elevation models, and digital orthophoto quarter quadrangle images. Various finders and links to related sites are also included.

The Rhode Island Geographic Information System site provides access to statewide, town, and USGS data of Rhode Island. The data includes boundaries, cultural resources, demographics, topographical maps, elevations, flood zones, facilities, geology, hydrography, natural resources, orthophotography, transportation, wetlands, and other data. Links to related Rhode Island sites are provided. Free registration is required.

The SCDNR GIS Data site provides access to the South Carolina GIS Data Clearinghouse. Free registration is required to use the clearinghouse. In addition, the site provides GAP data and dynamic mapping of South Carolina's land cover, species habitats, and land stewardship, as well as geologic maps and access to the South Carolina Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle Image Archive. Links to related sites are also provided.

Search by State, area code, city, or address to find USGS aerial photographs of most locations in the United States. The unique technology on this site then allows you to "virtually fly" over selected areas. Also, clicking on any of the images provides you with detailed information pertaining to the the local community including business listings and major public facilities.

Find United States Geological Survey aerial photographs and topographic maps of most areas in the United States. Addresses can be entered to find coordinates.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency's Aerial Photography Field Office has over 10,000,000 images from 1955 to the present. Availability and ordering information can be found here.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection site provides extensive information regarding the environment of West Virginia and its protection. Included on the site is the WVDEP GIS Server, which includes an oil and gas search feature, interactive mapping feature, information on the open dump cleanup and landfill closure projects, an aerial photo browser , a coordinate converter, a toxics release inventory, and related features. Links to related sites are also provided.

Formerly MSN Virtual Earth, this is an online mapping, aerial photo, and direction finder. Addresses can be entered for viewing aerial photography or driving directions entered for detailed maps of an area. Some photos are color, others are black and white. Produced by Microsoft.

The WisconsinView Data Portal provides access to photographs, images and related data regarding Wisconsin: photographs from the National Agriculture Imagery Program; Department of Natural Resources Digital Orthophotos; and Landsat MSS, TM, and ETM+ imagery. Tornado data for Wisconsin is also provided. Free registration is required.

The World Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images provides users with free aerial images that "are photorealistic mathematical simulations created from satellite data that have been interpreted by computer calculations." Some copyright restrictions may apply, see site for more details.

The Wyoming Geolibrary provides digital orthophoto quarter quadrangles, USGS topographic maps, US census line data, DRG's and DRG-E's, and accompanying data. The site also provides links to other GIS resources on the web.