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Performing Arts Library

How to Find Scores and Sound Recordings of Classical Music

  1. Open up KentLINK (

  2. Select "Author" tab and enter composer's name (last name first). 

  3. Choose form of composer's name with greatest number of entries.

  4. Click "Limit/Sort" button.

  5. To limit search to printed music, click on "Other Material Type" menu and select "Music Score."  To limit search to sound recordings, click on "Sound Recordings" menu and limit search to a specific format or "All Sound Recordings."

  6. After "Words in Title" menu, enter Uniform Title, plural of form/genre in English (i.e. sonatas, concertos, symphonies, quartets ...)*, or the opus/thematic number (i.e. op., BWV, K., D.)  of work in question.

  7. Click on "Sort by" menu and choose "Title" to organize results by title.

  8. Click "Submit."


It may be difficult with this approach to find songs and other works that are published in collections.  For other approaches, see Finding Music How to... Guides.

*Determining the correct version of the title can be complicated. For more information, visit the  Uniform Title Tutorial (

If you are unable to find what you're looking for in KentLINK, search in OhioLINK ( Obtain items not found in OhioLINK through Interlibrary Loan.  For additional assistance, contact the Music Librarian.