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NVivo Relationships Screenshots Tutorial

Relationships -- are a special kind of node that allows you to define the connection among project items such as a relationshipt between two cases or between two nodes.

NVivo 8 Relationships 1_new

In order to create the Relationships node, the type of relationship must first be established in the Classifications view. Click on Classifications -- Relationships. Right click in the whitespace. Click New Relationship Type.

Nvivo 8 Relationships 2_new

Type a Name and Description for the Relationshipt Type. Click on the drop down box for Direction and choose the type of direction. Click OK.

NVivo Relationships 3_new2

A new Relationship Type has been created.

NVivo 8 Relationships 4

Click on the Nodes -- Relationships view. Right click in the whitespace. Click New Relationship.

Nvivo 8 Relationships 5_new

Click Select and choose the relationship Type. Click Select from the From part of the window.

NVivo 8 Relationships 6_new

Choose the "From" project item. Click OK.

NVivo 8 Relationships 7_new

Click Select from the To part of the window. Choose the "To" project item. Click OK.

Nvivo 8 Relationships 8_new2

Click OK.

NVivo Relationships 9_new2

Your new Relationship will appear under the Nodes -- Relationships view.

NVivo 8 Relationships 11

To code a passage with your new Relationship, highlight the passage. Right click. Click Code at Existing Node. Select the desired Relationship node. Click OK.

NVivo 8 Relationships 10_new_2

NVivo 8 Relationships 11

NVivo 8 Relationships 12_new











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