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NVivo Tree Node

NVivo Tree Nodes Screenshots Tutorial

Tree nodes -- Nodes that are organized into a hierarchical structure with a parent node containing multiple child nodes. For instance, you may have a parent node of "emotions evoked" with child nodes of "anger" "pride", and "pain". The tree nodes help in locating nodes quickly and do not necessarily have to represent axial coding or other qualitative methods.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 1_new

Click on the Nodes view. Click on Tree Nodes. Right click in the white space. Click New Tree Node.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 2

Type Name and Description of the new Tree Node.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 3

Click on the Free Nodes view. Right click on the free node you would like to place under the new parent tree node. Click Copy.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 4

Right click on the new parent Tree Node. Click Paste.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 5

Click Yes.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 6

Note the small plus sign next to the Tree Node. Click on the plus sign.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 7

Any child nodes pasted in that tree node will appear below it.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 8

When coding a source, right click on the passage to be coded. Click Code Selection -- At Existing Nodes.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 9

Choose the relevant Parent Tree Node (or child nodes). In this case, Comparisons is the only Tree Node.

NVivo 8 Tree Nodes 10

Note that the Tree Node and the Free Nodes will both appear in the Coding Stripes if you leave the child nodes as free nodes.