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NVivo Text Search Query

Text Search Query Screenshots Tutorial

Text Search Query -- Enter words you want to search for (such as 'crisis'). These can be coded or saved as a set.

NVivo 8 Text Queries 1

Click on the Queries View. Right click in the white space. Click New Query -- Text Search.

NVivo 8 Text Queries 2

Click Add to Project if you would like to save your query.

NVivo 8 Text Queries 3

Type words you would like to search in text. Click Special if you wish to use Boolean search connectors. Choose in what you would like to search with the "Search in" drop down box. Choose sources and who modified by with the "Of" and "Where" drop down boxes.

NVivo 8 Text Queries 4

Click o nthe Query Options tab. Select an option for the Results (such as Create Results as New Node).

NVivo 8 Text Queries 5

Type a Name and Description for your Query. Click Run.

NVivo 8 Text Queries 6