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NVivo Internals

NVivo Internals Screenshot Tutorial

Internals -- source material directly imported into NVivo. This may include text materials (.rtf, .doc, .pdf), audio files, video files, and image files.

NVivo 8 Internals 1

A bit fuzzy, but this is the primary Window configuration in NVivo. Click on Internals in the Sources list on the left hand side, and the Internals page is activated.

NVivo 8 Internals 2

To import a new document into NVivo, right click on the white space in the Internals view. Click Import Internals. Alternatively, while in the Internals view, use the Ctrl+Shift+I key strokes.

NVivo 8 Internals 3

Click Browse.

NVivo 8 Internals 4

Find the document you wish to import into NVivo.

NVivo 8 Internals 5

Click Create Descriptions. You can also code your internals as Cases. See the screenshots on Cases for more information.

NVivo 8 Internals 6

Type a Description and Name for the Internal. Click OK.

NVivo 8 Internals 8

The full text is imported directly into NVivo to allow for coding within NVivo.