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NVivo Free Node

NVivo 8 Free Nodes Screenshots Tutorial

Free Nodes -- nodes that are not part of a hierarchy; that are either an inital coding or a code that has no logical connection with other nodes.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 1

In order to set up a node apriori, Click on the Nodes view. In the white space, right click and then click New Free Node. Alternatively, click into the white space and use the Ctrl+Shift+N key strokes.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 2

Type a name and description for your node. Click OK.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 3_New

While in a particular source (e.g. news article, interview transcript...), highlight the text to be coded. Right Click. Click Code Selection -- At Existing Nodes.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 4

Select a Node. Click OK.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 6a

To view your coding, Click on the stripes button in the toolbar. Click Nodes Most Coding.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 3_New

Alternatively, to create a new free node while reading a source, highlight the passage to be coded. Right click. Click At New Node.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 7

Type a Name and Description for your new free node. Click OK.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 8

To code a passage without providing a name or description; highlight the passage, right click, click Code In Vivo.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 9_new

Note the Code "Families must brace themselves for a slump of...". This in an In Vivo code. The first few words of the passage become the code.

Note too. that you can click on a code such as Difference and see all of the passages coded under that node.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 10

Nodes can be renamed. Right Click on the node of interest. Click Free Node Properties.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 11

The free node was initially coded "Difference".

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 12

The free node has been recoded to "Contrast". Click OK.

NVivo 8 Free Nodes 13

The node has been renamed everywhere it has been applied.