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Externals -- source material that cannot be directly imported into NVivo. This may include handwritten field notes, books, webspages, paper-based news articles, audio tape, etc. You can place a notation in your file with relevant quotes or a summary of the material.

NVivo 8 Externals 1

Click on Externals under Sources. In the white space within the Externals view, right click and then click on New External or use Ctrl+Shift+N key strokes to open a new External.

NVivo 8 Externals 2

Type in the Name and Description for your new External. Click on the External Tab next to the General Tab.

NVivo 8 Externals 3

Click on the Down arrow to note Type of file. Click Browse to find File. Type in a Location Description and Click on the down arrow to select Contents.

NVivo 8 Externals 4

NVivo 8 Externals 5

Your External have a tab within the Externals view. You can type notes about the External under the tab. These notes can then be used when coding.