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NVivo Cases Screenshots Tutorial

Cases -- this is a special kind of node to which you attach attributes such as gender or age. You can use cases to attach values (attributes) about sites, persons, or other entities. Cases can also be organized hierarchically.

NVivo 8 Cases new 1

In order to create Cases, the Attributes must first be established. Click on the Classifications view. Right click in the white space. Click New Attribute.

NVivo 8 Cases new 2

Type in a name for the type of attribute. In this case, we are labeling the sources by the type of News Source. Also click a Description and choose the Type of Attribute (String, numeric...). Click OK.

NVivo 8 Cases new 3

Click on the Values tab. Click Add.

NVivo 8 Cases new 4

Type in the values/attributes. Click Add to create additional attributes. When done, click OK.

NVivo 8 Cases new 5

You now have a new Attribute called NewsSource.

NVivo 8 Cases new 6

Return to the Nodes View. Click on Cases. Right click in the whitespace. Click New Case.

NVivo 8 Cases new 7

Type in the name of the entity to which you want to attach attributes. In this case, The Telegraph represents some of the sources used. Click on the Attribute Values tab.

NVivo 8 Cases 8_new2

Click on the Attribute of interest (in this case there is only one listed).

Click on the arrow to the right of the Values. Choose the appropriate value.

NVivo 8 Cases new 9

Click OK.

NVivo 8 Cases new 10

A new case will appear in the Cases view.