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Note to OCPM users

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Note to OCPM users

About University Libraries for OCPM Users

Note to OCPM users

An important step during transition is the creation of Banner accounts for OCPM users, which will provide needed FlashLine credentials for library transactions. This account data will be loaded into the Libraries' patron database by Libraries' System staff with an expected completion date of July 1, 2012. OCPM users will then have access to the broad range of KSU and OhioLINK resources. Full integration of the OCPM library catalog into KentLINK and coordination of OCPM subscriptions with those held by KSU could take a full year or more to achieve. Access to content that is unique to OCPM will be maintained.

Here is some information about the expanded library environment that will become available to you.

How will I use University Libraries?

  • In-person at any of the libraries on the Kent or regional campuses. This includes borrowing privileges with your KSU FLASHcard.
  • Authenticated access from off-campus to all licensed resources is provided through KSU Cisco VPN (covers all resources) and OhioLINK authentication (OhioLINK resources only). Both require FlashLine login and password.

What resources will be available to me?

The Libraries' website (http://www.library.kent.edu) serves as the main portal for accessing library resources and services.  This includes:

  • KentLINK: the Libraries' online catalog for all book, journal, and media resources held in the Kent and regional campus libraries.
  • OhioLINK Library Catalog: access to the holdings of the 88 Ohio college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio. Most of the 49.5 million books and other library materials can be requested for delivery to the participating library of your choice.
  • Research databases:  more than 140 databases representing the major finding tools for a wide range of academic disciplines.
  • Electronic journals:  over 10,000 scholarly journals with millions of electronic articles.
  • Electronic books:  a growing collection of over 70,000 e-books covering a wide variety of subjects and including selected reference works.

Are there other tools I should know about?

  • Ask a Librarian: link to connect for information assistance through instant messaging, texting, email or phone.
  • Interlibrary Loan: to obtain copies of journal articles not otherwise available.
  • Journal Finder: this important tool is used to identify the availability of specific journals (online and print) through KSU.
  • KSU Cisco VPN: to connect to KSU and OhioLINK licensed resources from off-campus.
  • RefWorks: to manage your personal selection of bibliographic references and to assist in generate a bibliography based on a given style manual. (Web-based)


Send a note to library@kent.edu. We look forward to having you on board!

March 2012