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Library Instruction Survey

Please reflect on the session and let us know what you think. Your answers will help us evaluate our effectiveness and improve.

Enter the six-digit identifier for the session: 
1.  Please indicate your status (student or other).  Freshman  Sophomore  Junior  Senior  Grad Student  Other
Agree Disagree Strongly
2.  The goals of today‚Äôs instruction session were made clear by the instructor.
3.  The material was presented in a clear and understandable way.
4.  The instructor encouraged student questions and participation.
5.  The instructor handled questions respectfully and competently.
6.  After the session I am more comfortable asking a librarian questions about research.
7.  What was one new thing you learned in the session?
8.  List something that you wish the instructor had spent more time explaining.
9.  With respect to overall instructional performance, I rate this instructor: Excellent Good Fair Poor  
10.  Please share any other comments or questions you have.