Item Record -- Creating Multiple Item Records

This is a quick way to create and attach multiple item records to the same bibliographic record.

  1. Find the record to which you want to add item records.
  2. From the summary screen of the record, change to "Item" in the "View" box.
  3. Attach New Item  (box)
  4. Multiple Items
  5. Don't put in a barcode.
  6. Editthe volume field if needed (e.g., change "vol." to "v."
  7. Change the "First Volume" and "Last Volume" fields.
  8. If not adding copies
    1. Leave "Beginning Copy Number"  as 1.
    2. Unclick the "Increment Copy Number" box.
    3. Change the "# of Copies" box to 1.
  9. If adding copies
    1. Edit the "Beginning Copy Number" box.
    2. Leave the "Increment Copy Number" box checked.
  10. OK
  11. Go back to the summary screen, and follow the procedures to modify a group of item records to add barcodes to each item record quickly.