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Atkinson, Helen, in Front of Merrill Hall
   Date: 1913
Bachna, Rudy
   Date: unknown
Baseball, First Team
   Date: 1914
Campus Bus Service Driver
   Date: unknown
Campus Bus Service, Wheelchair Lift
   Date: early 1980s
Campus Grounds Crew
   Date: June 29, 1956
Campus Grounds Crew
   Date: 1992
Clements, Marian, in Campus Post Office
   Date: early 1950s
Coaching Staff, Football
   Date: 1954
Fleitz, Ron, WKSU Radio
   Date: unknown
Flooding Blackbird Lake
   Date: 1917
Folk Festival, Daniel FitzPatrick and Carl Sweigert
   Date: April 15, 1988
Food Service, Dolly Candela Answers the Phone
   Date: 1971, January 13
Food Service, Eleanor Higgens, Cooking Demonstration
   Date: 1971, January 12
Golding, Brage on WKSU Radio
   Date: late 1970s
Gym Annex Interior
   Date: unknown
Honors College Staff
   Date: circa 1989
Hwi-Sook, Koh
   Date: early 1970s
International Students in Lounge
   Date: April 15, 1970
Leebrick, Karl and Board of Trustees
   Date: July 22, 1939
Library Employees, Technical Services
   Date: early 1970s
Library Order Department Faculty and Staff
   Date: unknown
Lindegarde, Carl
   Date: April 8, 1971
Moore, Doug
   Date: unknown
Moore, Doug, and Gary Harwood
   Date: circa 1987
Police Officers
   Date: early 1980s
Print Shop
   Date: November 3, 1970
Print Shop Staff Members
   Date: November 3, 1970
Salem Campus, Office Scene
   Date: September 24, 1971
Shaw, Robert, Conducting Cherubini Requim
   Date: June 3, 1970
Sigel, Debbie and Bobbie Phillips, Print Shop
   Date: November 3, 1970
Sports Team Photographs in MAC Center Hallway
   Date: unknown
Student Ambassadors
   Date: 1983
Student Being Treated at Health Center
   Date: 1974
University Press Staff
   Date: late 1960s
University Press Staff
   Date: November 9, 1979
University Relations Staff at Retreat
   Date: 1968
Urycki, Mark, WKSU Radio
   Date: early 1980s
White Hall Instructional Resources Center
   Date: unknown
Wilson, Milton, and Human Relations Center Staff
   Date: August 11, 1969
Wilson, Milton, and Suzanne Dodds
   Date: May 19, 1969
WKSU Radio Staff
   Date: late 1970s