Canadian Literary Manuscripts, 1902-1959


Prepared for the Web by Cara Gilgenbach, July 5, 2002
1 slim document case, .16 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains miscellaneous manuscripts by Canadian authors. Contents are arranged by date with some undated material.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. 1902, 13 Feb. Carman, Bliss. To [Paul] Lemperly [Cleveland, Ohio]. [autograph letter, signed] 3p.
  2. 1925, 5 Feb. Carman, Bliss. The Vagabonds. [13th stanza of this poem]. [typed poem, signed] 1p.
  3. 1928, Dec. Roberts, C. G. D. To Andrey Wurdemann. [typed document, signed] 1p. [Accompanied by a newspaper article on Charles G. D. Roberts].
  4. 1956, 31 Dec. [Layton, Irving?] The Provincial Library [poem]. [typed document] 1p.
  5. 1958, May 15. B[ourinot], A[rthur] S[tanley]. To [A. Robert Rogers]. [autograph letter, signed] 1p. [Accompanied by ad for "At the Mermaid Inn"].
  6. 1959, Oct. 6. B[ourinot], A[rthur] S[tanley]. To [A. Robert] Rogers. [autograph letter, signed] 1p.
  7. no year, 6 Apr. Glyn, Elinor [Sutherland]. To __ Strathmore. [autograph letter, signed] 6p.
  8. undated. Carman, Bliss. "Unfreed" [autograph poem, signed] 1p.
  9. undated. Layton, Irving. To Jim [James Russell] Lowell. [autograph letter, signed] 1p.
  10. undated. Roberts, [Sir] Charles G[eorge] D[ouglas]. "Attar" [autograph poem, signed] 1p. [Published in Roberts' Poems, Toronto, 1907, p. 236, with an additional stanza].