Core Textbooks on ReserveCore Textbooks on Reserve

Historically, UL has provided support materials and resources for classes as identified by teaching faculty, but not textbooks. As we are now aware of the need for textbooks for the successful completion of each class, UL has implemented a program called Core Textbooks on Reserve. This program was launched as a "pilot" program in January of 2013. UL applied $6,000 to the purchase of a small sample of textbooks required by the highest enrolled undergraduate courses with the most expensive books. The word spread quickly! Requests for more textbooks from more classes have grown outside our budget.


Digital Initiatives

Digital Initiatives

Kent State University Libraries Special Collections and Archives is the home to many unique, rare, and local resources that draw not only local but global interest!  Digital projects, such as Digital Daily Kent Stater   and the May 4 Digital Archive, allow us to provide access to rare materials that may have acute preservation problems due to age and fragility of their original formats. These initiatives also allow us to share these exceptional collections with our students, faculty, staff, and alumni--no matter where they are located.  A gift to Support Digital Initiatives will help us provide electronic access to that which? would otherwise only be viewable in person.


Student Scholarships

Donations made by the Friends of University Libraries fund an annual Library Student Assistant Scholarship award. Our goal is to make two or three student awards each year. Help us realize this goal by making a contribution today.