Research Carrels

The Kent State University Main Library provides a limited number of research carrels to doctoral candidates who have successfully completed their comprehensive examinations and are actively engaged in writing their dissertations. Research carrels are also available to faculty with research projects requiring privacy and immediate access to library materials.


Research Carrel Application


Applications and Renewals:  

  1. Doctoral candidates and faculty must apply online for a research carrel, on this page.
  2. Due to the demand for research carrel space, it has become necessary to assign two (2) persons to most carrels. Every effort is made to assign occupants with compatible schedules and inform both parties. Other than that, all research carrel assignments are confidential and will not be released by the Libraries.
  3. A $25.00 replacement fee will be added to your Library account if your key has been lost or stolen.
  4. Research carrel assignments are valid for one semester only, but may be renewed for subsequent semesters to a maximum of five years. The Dean of University Libraries must approve any exceptions to this limit.
  5. Renewal notices are mailed to occupants at the end of fall and spring semesters. To retain use of the carrel, the occupant must reply to Megan Walker or Cassandra Ribita at the Circulation Desk before the date specified in the notice.

Guidelines for Use:
  1. Carrels are assigned only to individuals and are not to be used as office or conference space. Projects, committees, academic units, and organizations are not eligible to be assigned a carrel. The subleasing of a research carrel is not permitted.
  2. Research carrels are only available for use during the regular open hours of the Library building.
  3. Research carrels are to be closed and locked when not occupied. The Libraries are not responsible for damage or theft of personal items left in research carrels.
  4. The Libraries cannot accept messages or mail for carrel occupants.
  5. Carrels are periodically checked for appropriate use (see below).
  6. Any violation of the carrel policy may result in the revocation of the research carrel assignment. 

Appropriate Use Policy:

  1. All library materials kept in the carrel MUST be checked out to the occupant. Any library materials NOT checked out to the occupant will be removed, and the occupant will be notified.
  2. The use of coffee makers, hot plates, and other high electrical use items is strictly prohibited by the Fire Marshall. Low electrical use items such as clocks and personal computers are permitted. Wireless network access is available on each floor with carrels.
  3. Carrels have been furnished for their intended use. No furniture is to be removed or added, nor are any other modifications to the room allowed.
  4. Charges may be incurred by the occupants for any damage to the research carrel.
  5. Nothing is to be attached to the wall or doors of the carrels.